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Vivapure® miniprepA Kit

Centrifugal units with Protein A or Protein G resin for fast affinity purification of antibodies from small samples up to 0.65 ml. Optimal for processing of multiple samples in parallel. Re-usable up to 3 times.

Item no.:  VS-ARAMINIK

Availability:  On Request

Vivapure miniprep & spin columns are pre-packed centrifugal devices for purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from serum, ascites and cell culture supernatants. The rapid 1-2-3 bind-wash-elute protocol especially lends itself to screening applications, where many samples are processed in parallel. Vivapure miniprep & spin columns can conveniently be used in a centrifuge with swing-out rotor for standard 2.2 ml tubes. Binding capacity is about 1 mg IgG per unit. The low hold-up volume ensures high solute recovery with minimal loss by non-specific adsorption. Vivapure miniprep & spin columns can be re-used three times and are available as complete kits including buffers or as bulk packs.They are an attractive alternative to lengthy chromatographic methods such as FPLC.

  • Spin column based kit
  • Devices are ready to use
  • Rapid purification with high yields
  • Parallel processing
  • Cost effective through re-use option
  • Starter kits available

Application Note

Vivapure® — Removal of Endotoxin from Monoclonal Antibodies
en 575.2 kB


Vivapure® — miniprep and maxiprep Protein Purification Spin Columns
en 284.8 kB

Product properties

  • Sample volume
    16 × 0.65 mL
  • Enzyme

Technical attributes

  • Ligand
    Protein A
  • Application
    Antibody Purification
  • Sample Type
    Cell Culture
  • Electrical / Battery item
  • Animal Components