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Vivapure® Maxiprep-A Kit

Centrifugal units with Protein A or Protein G resin for fast affinity purification of antibodies from samples up to and larger than 20 ml. Operated in a centrifuge (< 20 ml) or using a peristaltic pump (> 20 ml). Re-usable up to 5 times.

Item no.:  VS-ARAMAXIK

Availability:  On Request

Vivapure maxiprep Spin columns are pre-packed centrifugal devices for purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from serum, ascites and cell culture supernatants. The rapid 1-2-3 bind-wash-elute protocol especially lends itself to screening applications, where many samples are processed in parallel. Vivapure maxiprep Spin columns can conveniently be used in a centrifuge with swing-out rotor for standard 50 ml tubes. Binding capacity is about 20 mg IgG per unit. The low hold-up volume ensures high solute recovery with minimal loss by non-specific adsorption. Vivapure maxiprep Spin columns can be re-used five times and are available as complete kits including buffers or as bulk packs. They are an attractive alternative to lengthy chromatographic methods such as FPLC. For processing larger sample volumes than 20 ml, e. g. from diluted cell culture supernatants, the Vivapure maxiprep Spin columns can additionally be used with a sealing cap and pump collar for peristaltic pumps.

  • Spin column based kit
  • Devices are ready to use
  • Rapid purification with high yields
  • Parallel processing
  • Cost effective through re-use option
  • Starter kits available
  • Processing of larger samples with peristaltic pump

Application Note

Vivapure® — Removal of Endotoxin from Monoclonal Antibodies
en 575.2 kB


Vivapure® — miniprep and maxiprep Protein Purification Spin Columns
en 284.8 kB

Product properties

  • Sample volume
    4 × 20 mL
  • Enzyme

Technical attributes

  • Ligand
    Protein A
  • Application
    Antibody Purification
  • Sample Type
    Cell Culture
  • Electrical / Battery item
  • Animal Components