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Sartobind® IDA A4 Sheet

Sartobind IDA Membrane Adsorbers are macroporous, cellulose-based membranes for binding of His-tagged proteins at high flow rates.

Item no.:  94IDA-42-001

Sartobind® Membrane Adsorbers are made from regenerated cellulose and have been stabilized for high chemical stability. They are derivatized with conventional chelating functional groups to a metal chelate adsorber for protein and peptide purification with high selectivity. The large pores minimize the size exclusion effect. Membranes can be run at much higher flow rates compared to conventional matrices.

  • Macroporous
  • High flow rate
  • Simple handling


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Sartobind® Membrane Adsorbers — Chromatography as easy as filtration
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User Manual

Sartobind® IDA Sheet
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Biological Information

  • Reference Protein
    Polyhistidine tagged protein


  • Dimensions
    21 cm × 29.7 cm
  • Membrane Area
    624 cm²
  • Membrane Thickness
    275 µm


  • Reusable

Materials of Construction

  • Membrane Material
    Stabilised reinforced cellulose
  • Reinforcement Material

Physicochemical Information

  • Chemical Compatibility
    Stable in common chromatography buffers, unstable to peroxide and other oxidizing or reactive reagents
  • Ligand Density
    > 5 µeq/cm²
  • Pore Size
    3 - 5 µm
  • Recommended Chelating Ions
    Ni²+, Co²+, Cu²+ or Zn²+
  • Typical Dynamic Binding Capacity 10% per mL
    3.6 mg/mL, 100 μg/cm²

Product Information

  • Membrane Type
    Metal chelate membrane
  • Pack Size
  • What you receive
    • 1 sheet
    • 1 manual


  • Flow Rate
    > 30 mL/cm² × min at 1 bar (14.5 psi)
  • Ligand
    Iminodiacetic acid
  • pH Stability
    pH 1 – 12 (short term), pH 3 – 9 (long term)
Re-usable Polycarbonate Syringe Filter Holders, 25 mm


This polycarbonate filter holder has been designed for the use of 25 mm filters for the filtration of aqueous solutions.

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