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NutriStem hPSC XF W/O TGF & FGF

  • Defined, xeno-free, serum-free medium
  • Designed for optimal growth and expansion of human iPS and hES cells
  • Customizable formulation
  • Custom scale-up services available
  • Scientific and regulatory support

Item no.:  06-5100-01-1A

Price:  $190.00

1 Piece

Product Description

NutriStem® hPSC Medium, Growth Factor-Free is a modified composition of the complete NutriStem® hPSC XF Medium. This Medium contains no bFGF or TGFb, making it an ideal medium for many experimental assays, such as reprogramming (including mRNA reprogramming), embryoid body (EB) formation, and various differentiation assays, where the presence of pluripotency growth factors can inhibit the intended assay outcome. Cells can easily be transitioned between NutriStem hPSC Medium, Growth Factor-Free and complete NutriStem hPSC Medium with minimal stress:


  • Defined, Serum-free, Xeno-free
  • Growth factor-free (no bFGF or TGFb)
  • Low-protein formulation
  • Contains stable alanyl-glutamine
  • Contains HSA
  • Produced under cGMP conditions


  • Flexible and compatible with multiple applications
  • Easy transition of cells to or from complete NutriStem® hPSC Culture Medium
  • Easily modified by the addition of chosen growth factors or cytokines to form a customized complete medium


  • Application Area
    Pluripotent stem cell culture

Compliance Information

  • Origin


  • Components
    w/o TGF and FGF
  • Phenol Red Indicator
    With Phenol Red


  • Serum Free

Physicochemical Information

  • Adherence/Suspension

Product Information

  • Brand


  • Delivery Condition


  • Volume
    500 mL

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