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Cell Proliferation Kit (XTT based)

One step process, 1000 assays

Item no.:  20-300-1000


The Cell Proliferation Kit (XTT) was developed for cell proliferation assay in reaction to different growth factors, cytokines and nutrient components. In addition, it is suitable for assaying cytotoxicity of materials such as TNF or other growth inhibitors and for lymphocyte activation. Cell Proliferation Kit (XTT) is an excellent solution for quantitating cell proliferation and viability, without using radioactive isotopes.


  • Easy to use, there is no need for additional reagents and/or cell washing procedures.
  • One Step Process, results within 2-5 hours.
  • Sensitivity, cell viability and proliferation can be assayed even in low cell concentrations.
  • Accuracy, dye absorbance is proportional to the number of cells in each well.
  • Safety, there is no need for radioactive isotopes.
  • Convenient, no instrumentation required except for a spectrophotometer (ELISA reader). The entire cell proliferation assay and cell viability assay can be performed directly in a microtiter plate.


XTT Cell Proliferation Kit
en 1.3 MB

Safety Datasheet

Cell Proliferation (XTT based) Kit MSDS (GB)
en 161.0 kB
Cell Proliferation (XTT based) Kit MSDS (US)
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User Manual

Cell Proliferation Kit (XTT based) Instructions For Use
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  • Application Area
    Cell Proliferation

General Specifications

  • Detection Method

Product Information

  • Pack Size
    1000 assays
  • What you receive
    • XTT Reagent (10x5ml)
    • Activation Reagent (2x0.5ml)


  • Delivery Condition

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