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4Cell® Nutri-T Medium

  • Xeno-Free, Serum-Free Medium
  • Engineered for the culture and expansion of lymphocytes
  • Research Use Only
  • 1 L Bottle Standard Size
  • Scientific and Regulatory Support

Item no.:  05-11F2001-1K

Price:  $275.00

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4Cell® Nutri-T Medium is a xeno-free, serum-free medium specifically designed for the culture and expansion of lymphocytes to advance the field of cell-based immunotherapy. Nutri-T is optimized for TILs, CAR-T cells, and other mononuclear immune cells, including PBMCs. Industry-leading performance and flexibility, without the addition of serum. Nutri-T is manufactured under ISO 13485 and 9001 QMS and in compliance with cGMP guidelines. Nutri-T is currently intended for Research Use Only. A version of Nutri-T intended for GMP applications is planned for 2021


  • Xeno-Free, Serum-Free
  • Superior performance without serum addition
  • Exhibits excellent fold expansion and cell viabilty for TILs, CAR-T, PBMCs, etc.
  • Exceptional performance with cells starting at low initial seeding concentrations
  • Tested and developed on both healthy, and non-healthy patient derived donor cells
  • Formulation contains HSA and Phenol Red

Safety Datasheet

en 198.9 kB


  • Application Area
    Lymphocyte culture

Compliance Information

  • Animal Origin (AO) / Non-Animal Origin (NAO)


  • Serum Free

Physicochemical Information

  • Adherence/Suspension


  • Delivery Condition

Storage Conditions

  • Storage Conditions
    Protected from light
  • Storage Temperature


  • Volume

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