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Rotina 420 Digital Benchtop Centrifuge

A centrifuge for large sample volumes - high performance and economical.

Item no.:  GB-C4701

The ROTINA 420 is a reliable tool in everyday laboratory work. It can handle larger volumes, yet is compact and integrates well into the laboratory. It has a high performance where it counts and is extremely economical. It will provide many years of reliable operation and therefore offers an excellent ratio of price to performance.

The ROTINA 420 can be used to centrifuge large volumes and deal with high numbers of samples in an efficient manner: Its maximum capacity of 4 x 600 ml, 140 blood collection tubes or 16 microtitre plates makes it exceptionally suitable for use in medical diagnostics (clinical chemistry). It is also a reliable tool for use in biotechnology research laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.

If toxic or infectious material is centrifuged, then the TÜV-tested accessories with bioseals can protect against aerosols.


  • Dimensions
    423 mm × 506 mm × 650 mm


  • Cooling

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Speed
    15,000 RPM

Power Requirements

  • Line Frequency
    50 – 60 Hz
  • Line Voltage
    200 – 240 V


  • Maximum Gravitational Force
    24,400 × g
  • Timer Range
    1 sec. – 99 h : 59 min. : 59 sec


  • Capacity
    4 × 600 mL


  • Weight
    75 kg