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EndoGo™ XF Medium

Defined, xeno-free, serum-free medium for long-term expansion of large and small vessels of endothelial cells

Item no.:  05-400-1A

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EndoGo™ XF Medium is a novel xeno-free culture medium specially designed for long-term expansion of large and small vessels endothelial cells from various sources. The medium provides optimally balanced nutritional environment that selectively promotes proliferation of normal human endothelial cells , while maintaining typical cobblestone-like cell morphology, phenotypic surface marker profile, and angiogenic differentiation potential.

EndoGo™ XF supports human macro and microvascular endothelial cells (MVEC).


  • Defined, xeno-free, serum-free medium
  • Supports long-term expansion of large and small vessels endothelial cells
  • Maintains high proliferation potential, typical morphology and EC marker expression

The complete endothelial cell culture media consist of two components: EndoGo™ XF Medium (05-400-1) and EndoGo™ XF Supplement Mix (05-410-1). In addition, the medium required the use of human AB serum (off the clot) or human platelet lysate (not supplied with the media).

EndoGo™ XF Medium is recommended for use in conjunction with Recombinant Trypsin Solution with EDTA (Item No. 03-079-1) and Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor (SBTI) (Item No. 03-048-1).


EndoGo™ XF Culture Media - A defined, xeno-free culture medium for the expansion of endothelial cells
en 647.9 kB


Cell Therapy Compliant Xeno-Free Culture System for Human Endothelial Cells
en 1.2 MB

Safety Datasheet

EndoGo XF Medium MSDS (GB)
en 188.5 kB
en 158.5 kB

User Manual

EndoGo XF Medium Instructions For Use
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  • Application Area
    Endothelial cells

Compliance Information

  • Origin


  • Serum Free
  • Use with
    EndoGo XF Supplement Mix

Physicochemical Information

  • Adherence/Suspension
  • Formulation


  • Delivery Condition

Storage Conditions

  • Storage Conditions
    Protected from light
  • Storage Temperature
    -10° to -20°C


  • Volume
    500 ML

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