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Infrared Moisture Analyser

The MA100 infrared moisture analyzer combines the highest possible accuracy of an analytical balance and practical application software all in one unit. Thanks to its extensive functions and flexibility, this analyzer optimally adapts to individual needs in daily routine analysis in research and development as well as quality control.

Item no.:  MA100C-000115V1

Availability:  On Request

The moisture meter MA 100 features the highest possible measuring accuracy that a thermogravimetric moisture meter can currently offer. With the accuracy of an analytical balance, the Moisture Meter MA 100 delivers exact results within minutes and excellent reproducibility. On top of this, its extensive functions offer a high level of flexibility to meet frequently changing requirements on the parameters of different types of samples or on the sequence of analysis. The moisture meter MA 100 is ideal for quality control and research and development.

  • Measurement of the moisture content from 0.005 % to 100 %
  • Weighing capacity of 100 g with 0.1-mg weight resolution
  • Automatic endpoint searching/automatic programming to determine the best possible parameters at the touch of a key
  • Fast heating of a sample by choice of ceramic heating element, a halogen lamp or a CQR-coiled quartz radiator, all of which are infrared heaters
  • Fast and easy control of the accuracy through DIN/ISO-compliant self-testing and self-calibrating capabilities thanks to the built-in calibration weight, reproTEST function and temperature adjustment set (accessory)


Analyseur d’humidité MA100C — Analyseur d’humidité à infrarouge entièrement automatique avec élément chauffant céramique
fr 710.7 kB
Feuchtebestimmer MA100C — Vollautomatischer Infrarot-Feuchtebestimmer mit Keramikstrahler
de 703.2 kB
Analizzatore d’umidità MA100C — Analizzatore d’umidità ad infrarossi completamente automatico con radiatore ceramico
it 710.0 kB
Analizador de humedad MA100C — Analizador de humedad por infrarrojos totalmente automático con radiador cerámico
es 709.1 kB
水份测定仪 MA100C — 全自动红外形水份测定仪具有陶瓷加热器
zh 748.1 kB
MA100C Moisture Analyzer — Fully Automatic Infrared Moisture Analyzer with Ceramic Heating Element
en 707.9 kB

User Manual

Sartorius Moisture Analyzer — Models MA100 | MA50 — Electronic Moisture Analyzer
en 2.5 MB
Analizzatore d’umidità Sartorius — Modelli MA100 | MA50 — Analizzatore d’umidità elettronico
it 2.8 MB
Sartorius YTM05MA — Temperature Adjustment Set for MA45, MA50, MA100 and MA150
en 1.2 MB
赛多利斯MA 系列 — MA50/MA100 水份测定仪
zh 1.5 MB
Moisture Analyzer Sartorius — Modelos MA100 | MA50 — Analizadores de humedad electrónicos
es 2.6 MB
Analyseurs d’humidité Sartorius — Modèles MA100 | MA50 — Analyseurs d’humidité électroniques
fr 2.8 MB
Sartorius Moisture Analyzer - Modelle MA100 | MA50
de 2.5 MB

Product properties

  • Line voltage
    115 V
  • Readability
    0.1 mg, 0.001 %
  • Weighing capacity
    100 g
  • Depth
    453 mm
  • Height
    156 mm
  • Width
    350 mm
  • Number of measuring programs
  • Recommended moisture range
    0.005 – 99.995%
  • Heating Source
    Ceramic heating, gentle and smooth
  • Data Interface
    RS232C unidirectional

Technical attributes

  • Weight (approx.)
    8 kg
  • Weighing pan diameter
    ⌀ 90 mm
  • Accuracy of the weighing system
    0.1 mg
  • Max. weighing capacity
    100 g
  • Password Protection
  • Number of Program Memories
  • Operator Guidance Features
    Context-sensitive menu with alphanumeric interactive prompts and symbols, text input for sample identification using soft-key prompts, numeric keypad for sample identification and parameter input
  • reproTEST
    Built in reproTEST for determining the repeatability of the weighing system
  • Heating Mode
    Standard drying, quick drying, gentle drying, phase drying 3 × 0.1-999 min.
  • Access to the Sample Chamber
    Via motorized cover
  • Display Mode for Results
    % moisture- % dry weight (solids), % RATIO, g residue, g/kg residue, mg weight loss, calculated value (measured value × factor)
  • Analysis Mode
    Fully automatic, Semi-automatic, Timer settings 3 × 0.1-999 min., Timer mode + fully/semi-automatic 2 × 0.1-999 min. + automatic
  • ASAP Mode for Parameter Recognition
  • Exchange of the Heating Unit by Plug&Dry®
  • In-use Dust Cover for Keypad
  • Manual Input of Tare Weights
  • Application
    Very dry, thermo-sensitiv samples
  • Memory Data Storage
    Statistics of the last 9,999 measurements, end point up to the next moisture measurement run
  • Data Printer
    Integratable (optionally retrofittable), external (optional)
  • Temperature Range and Settings
    30°C – 180°C, adjustable in 1-degree increments
  • Typical Reproducibility of Weighing System
    • for sample weight ≥1g=== ±0.1%
    • for sample weight ≥5g=== ±0.02%
  • ISO/GLP Compliant Printout
  • Version Compliant with FDA/ HACCP Regulations
    No, conversion kit YDS03MA necessary
  • Built-in Calibration Weight