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Pipette calibration balance 20g/1µg

Fast, user-friendly and portable Sartorius lab balances are ideal for on-site pipette calibration. They provide the best features for accurate gravimetric testing of any pipette size - without a conventional draft shield to get in the way. They help ensure the integrity of your data by enabling you to perform regular pipette tests and calibration, the basic steps for monitoring the accuracy of single-channel and multi-channel pipettes. These balances can be ordered with calibration software.

Item no.:  GPC26-CW

Availability:  Discontinued


The balances in the GPC series are ideally suited for gravimetric testing of the volume of any pipette size. A choice of sampling containers with capacities of 6 ml and 21 ml, respectively, enables you to test pipettes with a volume of up to 1,000µl, depending on the balance model you use. If you need to test volumetric apparatus that have a relatively high capacity, an optional 50 ml sampling container with a special pipette draft shield is available for GPC65-CW and GPC225-CW models.

Because these balances do not require an additional standard draft shield, this eliminates the need for opening and closing draft shield doors and saves considerable time. The calibration workstation’s modular design can be optimally adapted to your lab staff’s ergonomic needs.

Because the balances are standard-equipped with an evaporation trap, the humidity inside the sample chamber is maintained at 60 - 90% . Therefore, this prevents loss of liquid from the sampling container.

With the optional YDB01WZA carrying case, you can pack up your GPC pipette calibration balance along with the other accessories. Ambient conditions allowing, you have everything you need to calibrate your pipettes directly at the place of use.

  • Easy pipetting without an interfering external draft shield chamber
  • Consistently fast readouts, as there is no external draft shield chamber and therefore no more waiting after you open or close it
  • Flexible, ergonomic setup of your work area thanks to modular design
  • Minimises errors caused by loss of liquid as the evaporation trap helps maintain the liquid volume
  • Built-in motorised weight for calibration / adjustment at the press of a key

Compliance Information

  • Legal Verification

Connections (Data)

  • Data Interface
    RS232C bidirectional


  • Weighing Pan Diameter
    ⌀ 36 mm


  • Adjustment
    Internal automatic (isoCAL)
  • Display
    Liquid-crystal display, black and white
  • Leveling
  • Readability
    0.001 mg

General Specifications

  • Additional Product Specifications
    Pipette weighing range: 0.001 mg - 8 g
  • Draft Shield

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    20 g
draft shield
Item no.
YDS01WZA Discontinued

Accessories for weights and weight sets

Glass lid for evaporation trap

main pcb. (needs to be programed)

Cord Set, 2-wires, South-Africa

pressure plate (level indicator)

Cap for data output
Item no.

Main cord, 2 wires, Argentina

Main cord, 2 wires, Brasil

Foot-Set (4 pcs.)
Item no.

Pipette Calibration Set
Item no.

Pipette Calibration Set for WZA225-CW andWZA26-CW... for gravimetric testing of themetrological reliability of pipettes.

The set consists of:

  • 1 evaporation trap
  • 3 21-ml sample chambers
  • 3 6-ml sample chambers

Set of Thermo protecting covers

Collapsible box
Item no.

wiring pcb (electronic box)

RS-232 data interface
Item no.

Cord Set, 2-wires, USA, CDN, JP

Moisture trap with cover
Item no.
69Y03089 Discontinued

Levelling screws-set (4 pieces)

level indicator
Item no.

Glass tube set (3 pieces)
Item no.

TNG11 UNI Power Supply w/o 2-wires cable
Item no.
6971991 Discontinued

Null indicator subassembly

Evaporation trap without glass lid

Disposable container, 6ml/21ml (10
Item no.
69Y03087 Discontinued

Main Cord, 2-wires, Japan
Item no.

Item no.

Cord Set, 2-wires, United Kingdom

Cord Set, 2-wires, Europe

Main Cord, 2-wires, India

Item no.

Cord Set, 2-wires, Australia/Newsealand

Display head complete
Item no.

Packaging, cpl.
Item no.