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Mark3 HP Moisture Analyzer

Mark3 is a flexible moisture analyzer system for labs and production facilities. Its optional modular add-ons provide the best solution for every measuring task.

Its high-resolution weighing system also makes the Mark3 HP suitable for precisely analyzing the moisture and water content of very dry samples. This feature makes it a genuine alternative to Karl-Fisher titration.

Item no.:  LMA100-SET-P


Mark3 HP Moisture Analyzer with printer, consisting of:

  • LMA100PA-000U control module incl. printer
  • LMA100PQ-000U heater module (0.1 mg, 100 g)
  • optional on request: Moisture Analysis individual Service (YMD01P)


  • Economical and reliable alternative to the Karl-Fischer titration and drying oven methods
  • Intuitive operation – With a learning curve of a few minutes
  • The user starts the measurement by pressing just one button
  • Robust and fast, optimal for routine operation
  • Multi-module operation enables parallel measurements of up to 4 different samples on one single device
  • An extensive range of security settings guarantees reliable results and 100% traceability

Application Note

Moisture Analysis of cosmetic products
en 398.2 kB
Moisture Analysis of paints and coatings
en 178.8 kB
Moisture Analysis of alcoholic products
en 156.4 kB
Moisture Analysis of pharmaceutical products - 2
en 160.5 kB
Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer - Application Examples Plastics Industry
en 360.2 kB
Moisture Analysis for sugars and confection
en 144.6 kB
Moisture Analysis of pulp and paper
en 155.8 kB


Mark 3 HP Moisture Analyzer — Modular Infrared Moisture Analyzer with Quartz Radiator
en 393.7 kB

Accessories Information

  • Data Printer
    Thermal printer, built-in


  • Built-in Calibration Weight

Connections (Data)

  • Data Interface


  • Dimensions WxDxH
    41.3 × 49.5 × 23.5 cm


  • Analysis Mode
    Timer mode, when value falls below a defined weight loss per time unit (%/min), trend shutoff
  • Display
    Quarter VGA with contrast adjustment (black on white or white on black), Sealed membrane keypad with audible tactile feedback
  • Display Mode for Results
    Weight, % Moisture, % Solids, % Volatiles, PPM moisture, PPM drying mass
  • Maximum Number of Programs
  • Memory Data Storage
    999 individual results with statistics: average, SD, RSD, high and low
  • Password Protection
  • Readability
    • 0.1 mg, 0.001%
    • 0.001%
  • reproTEST
    Built in reproTEST for determining the repeatability of the weighing system

General Specifications

  • Accuracy of the Weighing System
    +/- 0.1 mg
  • Additional Product Specifications
    • Modular configuration: Control and Heater modules (Optional: up to 4 heater modules)
    • Temperature adjustment: Optional fixture for internal electronic two-point adjustment
    • Temperature display: Display of both target and current temp at each stage of testing and standby
    • Conserve mode clock: Programmable time by day of week to shut down and wake up analyzer
    • Balance module design: Monolithic weighing cell with protective stainless steel cover
    • Ideal weight: Audio and visual signal when ideal weight is reached
    • Target limit alert: Minimum and maximum programmable limits and screen alert when test done
    • Operator names: Twenty alphanumeric operator names
    • Graph mode: Graph of temperature and percentage over time
  • Heating Source
    Thermogravimetric, loss on drying, Heat Source: Four parallel infrared quartz cylinders
  • Temperature Range
    30°C – 210° C in one-degree increments/RTD sensor, +/- 1° C, Standby temperature selectable from 30°C – 160°C

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    100 g
  • Recommended Moisture Range
    0.005 – 99.995%

Power Requirements

  • Line Voltage
    90–250 VAC 50/60 Hz self-adjusting power supply

Product Information

  • Brand
Mark 3 LTE standard control module for standard heating module LMA110SQ-000U, without printer


Standard control module for standard heating module with IR-quartz heater LMA110SQ-000U

Mark 3 HP premium control module for premium heating module LMA100PQ-000U, including printer


Premium control module with integrated printer for premium heating module with IR-quartz heater LMA100PQ-000U.

Mark 3 LTE standard heating module with IR-quartz heater for standard control module LMA110SA-000U


Standard heating module with IR-quartz heater for moisture analysis of solid, pasty and fluid samples

Sartorius Wedge for Windows


Sartorius Wedge is a software package designed to capture data from Sartorius devices into Windows applications, specifically Microsoft Excel. Sartorius Wedge includes two of TALtech’s data capture programs: WinWedge and TCPWedge. WinWedge connects to most serial or USB devices and TCPWedge connects to most networked devices.

Glassfiber Filter (80/pkg.)

Glass fiber pads 90mm circles (200/pkg)

Aluminum dishes (package of 80)

Pan, Sample, Lg Volume, Mark  3, Pkg/10

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