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Sartocell® F&B Module

Sartocell® F&B filter modules are stackable, cellulose based depth filtration modules for use in stainless steel housings. The robust modules combine the advantages of a closed filtration system with an excellent stability and long service life of the modules.

Item no.:  291S3-1616--F

Availability:  On Request

12” and 16” inch Lenticular Modules for food and beverages production scale processes.

Sartocell filter modules are used for clarification and microbe-retentive filtration primarily in the food and beverage industry. The modules are made of high-quality materials, consisting of Sartoclear filter sheets. Sartocell combines the positive features of Sartoclear materials (excellent stability and long service life) with the advantages of a closed filtration system.


Sartocell Depth Filter Modules for Food & Beverages — Filter Sheets for Clarification and Microbe-retentive filtration
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User Manual

Sartocell F&B Lenticular Modules
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Product properties

  • Grade
  • Primary Product Type
  • Type
    Depth filter module
  • Connector Inlet
    Flat Adapter
  • Cartridge Height
    406 mm
  • Filter Format
    Depth Filter Modules
  • Filter Type
    Clarification Filters
  • Diameter
    ⌀ 16 inch
  • Height
    406 mm
  • Retention Rate
    0.5 µm
  • Pack Size

Technical attributes

  • Depth Filter Material
    Cellulosic depth filter media with inorganic filter aids
  • Application
    Beverage Filtration
  • Industry
    Food & Beverage