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Microsart® RESEARCH Bacteria

Microsart® RESEARCH Bacteria is used for fast and reliable Real-time PCR-based detection of bacterial contamination in cell cultures or cell culture supernatants.

Item no.:  SMB95-1009

Availability:  On Request

With Microsart® RESEARCH Bacteria you can rapidly detect contamination of more than 95 % of all known bacterial species within 2½ h. In a Real-time PCR highly specific TaqMan® probes bind to a very conserved DNA-sequence that is common for all bacteria (gram-positive and gram negative). This kit is designed for contamination control in academia or during drug development and in-process in biopharma or regenerative medicine.


Products for Microbiological Control
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Microsart® RESEARCH Bacteria
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User Manual

Microsart® RESEARCH Bacteria
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Product properties

  • Primary Product Type
    Kits & Assays
  • Pack Size
  • Detection Channels Frequency
    FAM® channel (520nm) & ROX® channel (610 nm)
  • Sample Volume
    2 µl

Technical attributes

  • What you receive
    reagents for 25 PCR reactions
  • Application
    Bacteria Detection
  • Detection Method
    real-time PCR (qPCR)
  • Additional Required Components
    • qPCR cycler (FAM and ROX)
    • PCR reaction tubes (DNA-free)
    • Centrifuge for 1.5 ml PCR tubes
    • Pipettes
    • Filter Tips (DNA-free)
    • Vortex
    • Mixer
    • Optional: Extraction Kit
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