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Microsart® @media, SDA (Sabouraud Dextrose), Yeasts and molds

Microsart® @media are dishes pre-filled with different types of agar medium, sterile-packaged and ready to use. Together with the Microsart® @filter units, they introduce a brand-new agar and membrane transfer concept for microbial limit testing. The innovative, active lid of Microsart® @media allows touch-free membrane transfer from the Microsart® @filter base, and thus reduces the risk of secondary contamination to an absolute minimum.

Item no.:  14314--47----ACN

Availability:  On Request

Microorganisms in liquids are quantified by the membrane filtration method. The advantage of this method is that it allows accurate detection of bacteria, yeasts and molds when low counts in a high sample volume are anticipated. Transferring a membrane filter onto an agar medium is a critical step that can be a source of secondary contamination, especially if tweezers are used. Therefore, it is essential to reduce this risk.

The Microsart® @media product line excels in minimizing the risk of secondary contamination as touch-free membrane transfer rules out membrane manipulation. Moreover, these products accelerate your workflow as just a few work-saving steps are all it takes to use them. Microsart® @media products impressively meet the most stringent quality assurance standards, providing consistently reliable, results and time-saving convenience.

As a result of the combined development , the active lid of @media fits perfectly onto the Microsart® @filter base for an effortless and reliable transfer of a membrane filter onto an agar medium.

In addition, the liftable interior lid provides convenient access to select colonies after incubation for further analysis.

Major Benefits of Microsart® @media

Easy to Use

Fits perfectly onto the Microsart® @filter base, thus permitting easy and reliable transfer of a membrane filter onto an agar medium. No force is needed to snap off the funnel from the base!

Safe and Reliable

Touch-free membrane transfer rules out manipulation, minimizing major sources of secondary contamination. This results in the best growth conditions for reliable results.


Innovative click-fit closure permits fast and easy removal of the funnel after filtration.

  • Designed for microbial limit testing according to the USP (Chapter <61>) and EP (Chapter 2.6.12)
  • Ensures efficient, advanced workflows in quality assurance laboratories


Microsart ® @media — Das berührungsfreie Membrantransfersystem
de 219.5 kB
Microsart ® @media — Advanced System for Touch-free Membrane Transfer
en 218.5 kB
Microsart ® @media — Système de transfert de membranes sans contact
fr 219.8 kB
Microsart ® @media — Sistema avanzato per il trasferimento di membrane su terreni agarizzati
it 219.5 kB
Microsart ® @media — Sistema de transferencia de membrana sin contacto
es 215.3 kB

Product properties

  • Target Microorganism
    Yeasts and molds
  • Primary Product Type
    Culture Media
  • Packaging
  • Pack Size
  • Package Type
  • Media Format

Technical attributes

  • Sample Type
    Final non sterile Pharma products
  • Application
    Microbial Enumeration
  • Market
    • Pharma/Biotech
    • Food & Beverage
    • Environmental/Water Testing
  • Culture Media
    SDA (Sabouraud Dextrose)