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Claristep® Station 17C--M8

Claristep® Station enables the processing of Claristep® Filter units. The manual station can be used for processing up to eight filters simultaneously. Simply position the sample vials in the tray of the station and place the Claristep® Filter units on top. After the sample has been filled into the Claristep® Filter reservoir the station lid is closed by hand and the liquid is filtered.

Item no.:  17C--M8

Price:  $350.00

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The station is made of plastic material and two metal plate inlays in top and bottom part. It is coated with a resistant lacquer. The basic station is white with a tray in yellow-orange.


  • Multiplexing of up to 8 samples
  • No vacuum source needed
  • No power supply needed


Claristep® Filtration System — The Easy Choice – Syringeless and Fast
en 3.8 MB

Product properties

  • Color
  • Primary Product Type
    Multiplex Station
  • Brand

Technical attributes

  • Device Type
    Syringeless Filter Accessories
  • Extractables
    HPLC certified
  • Housing Material
    Polypropylene-based multipolymer plus embedded metal plates
  • Application
    • HPLC
    • LCMS
    • ICPMS
  • Area of Application
    • Analytical Sample Preparation
    • Clarification