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Stainless steel GMP in-line filter holder

Item no.:  16276

Availability:  On Request

Stainless steel GMP in-line filter holder


Laboratory Filtration Products (US and Canada)
en 9.6 MB

Product properties

  • Filtration Area
    130 cm²
  • Diameter
    ⌀ 142 mm
  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    7 bar
  • Pack Size

Technical attributes

  • Chemical Compatibility
    As for stainless steel, PTFE, silicone and Fluoroelastomer. If required, the silicone O-rings can be replaced by EPDM O-rings (order no. 6982071), Fluoroelastomer O-rings (6982070) or PTFE O-rings (6982072, reduce the max.operating pressure to 4 bar/58 psi) and the Fluoroelastomer valve O-rings by EPDM O-rings (6985184) or silicone O-rings (6985183).
  • Threads for Connectors
    M 12 × 1 female threads
  • Sterilization Procedures
    • By autoclaving (max. 134 °C)
    • By dry heat (180°C).