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Pro 20 Conductivity Kit

Pro Meters Professional Performance with Complete Compliance Be reassured, measurements have never been so accurate with German technology, wider ranges, auto cal and 5-point cal. Feel confident with data transfer, storage and ElectCheck features that meet all your GLP regulatory requirements. Pro offers multi-parameter options and is the whole package: quality, multi-functionality, documentation, & convenience - a true professional at work for you.

Item no.:  PR-20-CON-KIT

Price:  $1,365.00

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Multi-functionality in One - Need advanced pH measurements, select Pro15. For conductivity, select Pro20. For an all-in-one meter, select Pro 50 and have it all: pH, ISE, DO, Conductivity and up to two parameters displayed simultaneously. Complete Documentation -Feel confident and rely on wireless sensor recognition & user identification. User name can be assigned to each measured value. Pro also complies with GLP requirements with administrator rights or user identification via an electronic ID card. User Convenience Large LCD display, Intuitive menu navigation, ElectCheck and Stability Control to know the conditions of your sensor, the integrity of your calibration and stability of your reading at a single glance.

  • Exact measurements with wider measuring ranges and better
  • Advance GLP Documentation with time and date stamps
  • Direct data transmission with RS232 (PR-15 & PR-50) and USB
  • Automated calibration with up to 5 points
  • Automatic buffer recognition out of 22 buffer sets


Quality Electrochemical Analysis — Professional Meters | Basic Meters | Sensors
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Premium Pro Benchtop Meters (PR Series)
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Product properties

  • Primary Product Type
  • Tip Type
    Oval flow thru - target config.
  • Meter Type
    Conductivity Meters
  • Connectors
    8 pin
  • Data Interface
  • Data Output
  • Electrolyte Filling Solution
  • Reference System
    4 Graphite Rings
  • Calibration Points
  • Display
    LCD 75 × 60 mm
  • Electrode Material

Technical attributes

  • Components
    • Power Supply
    • Manual
    • 4 AA batteries
    • Meter Arm and Base
    • Cell PY-C12-2S
  • Temperature Compensation
    Integrated ATC NTC 30 KOhm
  • User Management
  • Other Components
    Conductivity Cell, Meter, Arm and Base
  • Market
    • Pharma/Biotech
    • Academic
    • Food & Beverage
    • Industrial
Pro Meter Arm
Pro Meter Arm
Item no.: PY-A03-2S
Price: $161.00
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