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Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Dissolve Oxygen Sensors - Galvanic technology allows scientist to determine dissolved oxygen that is present in virtually in all liquid samples. Liquids absorbs oxygen until the partial pressure of oxygen in the liquid is in equilibrum with the air or gas in which it in contact. Dissolved measurement are dependent on temperature, air pressure, oxygen consumption by microorganisims and biodegradations and and oxygen production by algae. Galvanic sensors offer the benefits of reduced polarization time prior to measurement with preassembled membrane caps and built-in integrated temperature compensation. Ultimately unique features of Galvanic DO reduces prep step errors such as membrane installation.

Item no.:  PY-D01-2S

Price:  $375.00

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Galvanic Dissolve Oxygen Sensor is a membrane covered galvanic system are ready for immediate measurement. Membrane durability and longevity, high signal resolution with rapid measurement response, waterproof IP68 includes calibration vessel.

  • Membrane longevity up to 6 month
  • High signal resolution
  • Rapid measurement response
  • IP68
  • Included calibration vessel

Product properties

  • Primary Product Type
    Electrodes, Sensors & Cells
  • Electrode, Sensor, or Cell Type
    Dissolved Oxygen
  • Tip Type
  • Connectors
    8 pin
  • Electrolyte Filling Solution
  • Cable Length
    1.5 m
  • Diameter
    12 mm
  • Reference System
  • Reference Junction Material
  • Electrode Material
    Polyoxymethylene (POM)

Technical attributes

  • Overall length
    Head Length=== 42.5 mm; Shaft Length=== 145 mm
  • Components
    • Sensor
    • Manual
  • Temperature Compensation
    Integrated ATC NTC 30 KOhm
  • User Management