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Sartorius Wedge for Windows

Sartorius Wedge is a software package designed to capture data from Sartorius devices into Windows applications, specifically Microsoft Excel. Sartorius Wedge includes two of TALtech’s data capture programs: WinWedge and TCPWedge. WinWedge connects to most serial or USB devices and TCPWedge connects to most networked devices.


Item no.:  YSW02

Price:  $510.00

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Benefits of Sartorius Wedge:

  • Eliminate manual data entry errors
  • Log data from multiple devices simultaneously
  • Capture real-time data to any Windows application
  • Parse and filter the data to match your requirements
  • 100% accurate, reliable, and compliant


Sartorius Wedge - Data Capture Software for Sartorius Balances and Other Devices
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User Manual

Sartorius Wedge | Getting Started
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Sartorius Wedge | Quick Start
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