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Docu-pH Meter

Docu-pH Meter: The high quality value priced pH meter and mV meter.
Use with a DocuClip® and get GLP reporting and traceability.
Choose precalibrated traceable pH probes or any standard probe.

Item no.:  DOCU-PH

Availability:  On Request

DocuClip & Docu pH Meter let you close the reliability gap in electrochemistry. DocuClip & Docu pH Meter from Sartorius are setting new standards for documentation of results in electrochemistry.

  • Graphic display and soft keys for intuitive user guidance by plain-language prompts
  • Automatic temperature compensation, buffer recognition as well as recognition of various temperature sensors
  • Improved calibration routines support optimum procedural sequences in the laboratory
  • Automatic recognition of electrodes with DocuClip for unambiguous allocation of calibration data

DocuClip & DocuMeter let you close the reliability gap in electrochemistry

Laboratory work, particularly in the areas of chemical and pharmaceutical research, requires 100% traceable documentation. Conventional procedures, however, still hold some risks: Sensors that have been used may be mixed up. An electrode may have been used so often that it is no longer fully effective - but how can you tell? Manual recording of electrode identification is error-prone. Permanent allocation of identifying and calibration data to a particular pH electrode gives you complete reliability. It is no longer possible to mix up electrodes. The quality and effectiveness of electrodes can be checked at any time.

Product properties

  • Readability
    0.1 | 0.01 | 0.001
  • Weight
    1 kg
  • Measuring range
  • Pack Size
  • Type
    pH Meter
  • Electrode Material
    Without electrode
  • Temperature Sensor
    Without electrode
  • Electrolyte Filling Solution
    Without electrode

Technical attributes

  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
    145 × 229 × 89 mm
  • Measuring Range in °C
    -5 – +105° C
  • Measuring Range in mV
    -2000.0 … 2000.0
  • Sample Weight, average
  • ISO/GLP Compliant Printout
  • Communication with DocuClip®
  • Interface RS232C
  • ATC 10 kO, ATC 30 kO, Pt1000
    2.5 mm phone plug
  • Buffer Recognition
    Automatic: technical buffers, DIN|NIST buffers
  • Inputs for pH Combination Electrodes
  • Date | Time Battery-supplied
  • Temperature Compensation
    Automatic or manual from –5° to 105°C
  • Memory for Measurement Data
  • Accuracy in mV
    +/- 0.2 < | 1000 | +/- 1 < | 1000 |
  • Readability in mV
    0.1 | 1
  • Temperature Readability
    0.1 °C
  • Calibration Standards
  • Calibration Reminder
  • Accuracy (temperature)
    +/- 0.2 °C