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BioWelder® TC Tube Holder 3/8 IDx5/8

BioWelder® TC accessory consisisting of a set of 2 holders for the tubing hoses to be welded.

Item no.:  16389-001

Availability (ex works):  On Request

The holders, the blade and the tubes are inserted into the BioWelder® TC. The tube welding process is fully automated and is started via the touch screen LCD. The blade is first heated up for depyrogenation and cooled down to the welding temperature. An infrared sensor monitors and controls the blade temperature during all the welding process. When the blade reaches the welding temperature, the blade cuts the tubes and the new fluid path is welded together.


BioWelder® Total Containment - Fully automated device for welding dry and liquid filled tubing
en 584.7 kB


  • Area of Application
    Connecting & Disconnecting
  • Process Step
    • Drug Substance Purification
    • Drug Product Formulation
    • Media
    • Buffer
    • Cell Harvest & Downstream Processing Intermediates
  • Technology


  • Inner Diameter
    ⅜" (9.6 mm)
  • Meter Dimensions
    ⅜ in. × ⅝ in.
  • Outer Diameter
    ⅝" (15.9 mm)
  • Thickness Requirement for Wall
    ¼ in.
  • Wall Thickness
    3.2 mm

Materials of Construction

  • Material Tubings
    • C-Flex® 374
    • Pharmed® BPT
    • Advantaflex®
    • Sanipure® BDF

Product Information

  • Primary Product Type
    Sealer and Welders
  • Type
    Tube Holder OD ⅜ in., ID 5/8 in.


  • Condition of Use