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BioPAT® Spectro

BioPAT® Spectro NIR process sensor monitors the fermentation process inline by providing real-time feedback. Monitoring the process values during biotechnological fermentation is crucial for maintaining the high efficiency and quality of a bioprocess. Although commercial sensor systems are available for real-time monitoring of some variables, such as pH or the concentration of dissolved oxygen, BioPAT® Spectro provides monitoring capabilities that are light years beyond such sensor systems.

  • Process trajectories for real- time fermentation monitoring
  • Golden batch comparison
  • Cell growth and viability monitoring
  • Monitoring of nutrients and metabolites
  • Media quality fingerprinting

Item no.:  biopatspectro

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NIR Process Sensor

BioPat® Spectro is a specially designed near-infrared spectrometer system (NIR spectrometer) that can be connected to a fermenter | bioreactor over a standard interface port. As it is completely fiber-optic free, it is capable of withstanding CIP | SIP processes. Direct integration of the BioPAT® Spectro into a fermentation system provides the benefits of real-time feedback on the process status inside even if no sampling can be done. Therefore, BioPAT® Spectro helps reduce routine work during long-term fermentation or cell cultivation, making monitoring during night shifts even easier. It facilitates quality-control comparison of each batch to a golden batch based on process trajectories as it fully documents the process, showing deviations from older batches. This functionality also permits automatic alarms to be set so the user can be alerted to intervene on time. As a result, this enables the operator to take corrective action faster than is possible with routine sampling.

The BioPAT® Spectro unleashes its full power in late clinical phases and in commercial manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. Besides being excellently suited for direct process integration, BioPAT® Spectro offers a broad range of features that overcome standard NIR spectroscopy challenges. Air bubbles in the media are filtered out by a special filter algorithm in BioPAT® Spectro as this system is fiber-free and does not use a scanning technology. Any fouling of the window can be easily identified and counteracted as a special function in BioPAT® Spectro monitors this effect. Moreover, a major benefit that makes this system ideal for bioprocesses is its large sample measurement spot compared with common light fiber-optic systems. Its much larger measurement spot, which is not feasible using standard fiber optics, is the first solution ever available for measuring cell growth and viability.


  • Process trajectories for real-time fermentation monitoring: enhances process reliability by in-process analysis, reduces routine analysis, enables you to take complete control of your process even during night shifts by reducing your workload
  • Golden batch comparison: compares batches in progress with known batch quality, sets alarm signals as soon as errors occur – for faster intervention than possible with routine analysis
  • Cell growth and viability monitoring: delivers direct feedback on cell parameters without sampling
  • Monitoring of nutrients and metabolites: visualizes the actual process trend
  • Media quality fingerprinting: assures the right quality of the media used, compares media quality before and after sterilization, provides information about the use of correct media

Application Note

Process Analytical Equipment for Monitoring, Control and Cost Optimization of Inline Dilution Processes
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Process Analyzer BioPAT® Spectro PMD500-Series featuring NIR spectroscopy
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