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Palletank for Mixing, 400 L, Jacketed PED, Front insulated hinged door, 305 kg

Palletank For Mixing is a stainless steel container designed to perfectly fit with the Flexel® Bag for LevMixer® or Flexel® Bag for Magnetic Mixer from 50L to 3000L. It includes a railed port for coupling the mobile Drive Unit and a clamp holder to facilitate powder transfer.

Item no.:  FXC116202

Availability:  On Request

The range of Palletank for mixing is engineered around safety and ease of use to complement your intuitive handling mixing bag. The front door and the cubical shape provide convenient installation, deploying and folding of the bag during filling and draining. The front access to sensors and tubing facilitates the filling, sampling and draining manipulations.

From 50 L to 1,000 L:

Cubical shape of Palletank for Mixing with windows on lateral sides enable the user to visually inspect the mixing process. The cubical shape facilitates the installation and offers scalability from 50 L to 1,000 L with improved mixing efficiency.

From 1,500 L to 3,000 L:

Large volume Palletank for Mixing is inspired from the well-proven design of Palletank for storage with a geometry to minimize footprint while providing the vortex required for rapid powder dissolution. A stainless steel cross mounted on a pulley system enables to unfold the Flexel® Bag for Magnetic Mixer for an easy filling and optimized draining. Large volume Palletank for Magnetic Mixer are now available in standard range with heat exchange jacket and | or integrated weighing system.

The Palletank for Mixing is also available standard either with a heat exchange jacket and | or with integrated loadcells and weight indicator:

  • The Palletank for Mixing Jacketed is built according to ASME or PED directives. The heat exchange jacket and insulation system allows for efficient chilling, heating, cold or warm storage of biopharmaceutical fluids.
  • The Palletank for Mixing and Weighing is configured with built-in load cells linked to the weighing indicator for fast and reliable volume measurement. The CAIS1 Combics 1 indicator allows strain gauge weighing and provides an easy-to-read user interface.

Product properties

  • Jacketed
    Jacketed PED
  • Primary Product Type
  • Pack Size
  • Weight
    305 kg
  • Dimensions
    1,098 × 1,153 × 1,451 mm
  • Volume
    400 L

Technical attributes

  • Materials of Construction
    304L Stainless Steel Perlit balls (Insulation)
  • Surface Finish
    Glass bead blasted and passivated
  • Doors
    Front insulated hinged door
  • Other Specifications
    • Insulated face bottom port for bag lines access
    • PED compliant
  • Operating Pressure
    -1 to 6 bar
  • Bottom Gates
  • Test Pressure
    9 bar
  • Area of Application
  • Process Step
    • Drug Substance Purification
    • Cell Harvest & Downstream Processing Intermediates
    • Media Preparation
    • Buffer Preparation
  • Mobility
    Mounted on stainless cart with four clean room wheels and push handles
  • Permissible Operating Temperature
    0 – 50° C

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