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Palletank, Cubical Levmix, 100 L

This mobile jacketed and insulated Palletank has been designed for an efficient heating|cooling of the bag content along with efficient single-use mixing systems with Flexel® for LevMixer® and Flexel® for Magnetic Mixer.

Item no.:  FXC113382

Availability:  On Request

Palletank with double wall for LevMixer® in combination with the Flexel® 3D-mixing bag units features high end fluid management controll in biopharmaceutical process applications. This mobil and isolatet Palletank with double wall has been designed for effictive warming | cooling of the bags content togehter with high-performance single use mixing systems with Flexel® for the LevMixer® as well as Flexel® for the magnetic impeller. Its outstanding thermic conductivity makes this Palletank the optimal solution for a large number of biopharmaceutical process applications. Available in standard sizes from 50 - 650 liters. According to the cooling and heating requirements of lab | pilot operating methods up to large scale manufacturing.

  • Insulated dimple jacket: High heat transfer efficiency
  • Jacketed bottom: High heating | cooling efficiency for low filling volumes or flow rate
  • Process security: Compliant with ASME and PED directives
  • Standard Tri Clamp connection: Easy implementation with direct connection to the facilities
  • Face bottom port: Easy installation including preconnected bags and easy access to tubing
  • Compatible with Magnetic Mixer and LevMixer® Drive Unit: suitable for a large variety of process applications
  • Multiple manufacturing sites for Flexel® 3D Bags: High security of supply

Product properties

  • Pack Size
  • Weight
    157 kg
  • Dimensions
    74 cm × 69.6 cm × 119 cm
  • Volume
    100 L

Technical attributes

  • Materials of Construction
    Stainless Steel 304L
  • Surface Finish
    Glass Bead Blasted
  • Doors
    Front insulated hinged door (except 50 L and 100 L)
  • Other Specifications
    • Insulated face bottom port for bag lines access
    • ASME and PED compliant
  • Stackability
  • Level Marks
  • Test Pressure
    15 bar
  • Permissible Operating Temperature
    0 – 50° C