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Medium for Per.C6® cells

Item no.:  BE02-039Q

Availability:  On Request

PER.C6R Technology is a Crucell proprietary human cell-based platform designed for large-scale production of recombinant proteins, including antibodies, vaccines and gene therapy products, under serum-free culture conditions. Cell lines have been immortalized with specific adenovector genes, leading to high viable cell densities and high PCDs (picogram/cell/ day), resulting in high yields. PERMEXCIS® Virus Production Medium has been optimized for use with the PER.C6R Cell Line. PERMEXCIS® Medium is chemically defined, serum-free, low protein (<200 ng/mL), with PluronicR F-68, and without L-glutamine or phenol red.


  • Virus production
  • Growth of human embryonic retinoblast cells (PER.C6R and related cell lines) in suspension


  • Reduces regulatory hurdles with a non-animal origin status
  • Maintains high viability (> 90%) at high cell densities for superior performance
  • Achieves a maximum culture performance through a balanced formulation
  • Saves validation time with no weaning required during growth transition

PERMEXCIS® medium use is restricted only to PER.C6R Cell License Holders. Shipping will not be possible without license justification (please add license number on order or inform Sartorius customer services).


Bioprocessing Media and Buffers — Product Catalog
en 9.1 MB

Product properties

  • Adherence/Suspension
    Adherent, Suspension
  • Chemically Defined (CD)
  • Serum Free
  • Pack Size
  • Package Type
  • Volume
    1 L
  • Protein Free
  • Animal Origin (AO) / Non-Animal Origin (NAO)

Technical attributes

  • Application Area
    PER.C6 cells growth
  • Storage temperature
    2 – 8 °C
  • Size
    1 L
  • Storage Conditions
    In the dark
  • Application