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L-Glutamine 200mM 100 ml

Item no.:  17-605E

Availability:  On Request

ProHT™ Supplement is a Hypoxanthine, Thymidine supplement (100x) from non-animal origin. It is optimized for the use with PorCHO™ Media such as 12-766Q, 12-029Q, 04-919Q, BE02-016Q.Supplied in Normal Saline or Powder (15-605G). Liquid formulations are at a concentration of 200 mM.

Product properties

  • Liquid Solution
  • Animal Origin (AO) / Non-Animal Origin (NAO)
  • Formulation
    L-Glutamine Solution
  • Package Type
  • Volume
    100 mL

Technical attributes

  • Storage Temperature
    < -10 °C
  • Application Area
    Supplement for cell culture
  • Size
    0.1 L