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Sartocheck® 4 Plus Filter Tester MultiUnit

Fully automatic filter integrity testing device without user interface. Up to 4 units may be connected to one main unit for 5 tests in parallel. 21 CFR p 11 and GAMP5 compliant. A large accessory package gives solutions for almost all customer needs.

Item no.:  26288---FM

The Sartocheck® 4 MultiUnit has been developed to enable parallel integrity testing of multiple filters in the biopharmaceutical industry. The MultiUnit is a identical copy of the Sartocheck® 4, without the user interface and the data management system. Each MultiUnit connected to a Sartocheck® 4 is operated and controlled by this Sartocheck® 4 via a RS485 connection.Efficiency:Up to 4 MultiUnits can be connected to one Sartocheck® 4 allowing to integrity test up to 5 different filter systems in parallel including the testing capabilities of the Sartocheck® 4 itself. Testing up to 5 filters in parallel allows to reduce the time required for filter integrity esting in bio-pharmaceutical production significantly and increases the efficiency of your production process.Flexibility:There is no relevant distance limitation between the Sartocheck® 4 and the connected MultiUnits. The MulitUnits can be placed all over your production facility and are centrally controlled and operated by the Sartocheck® 4. A printout of the test results of the MultiUnit is made by the printer of the Sartocheck® 4 and the test data can be transferred to a network for review and achiving.Data transfer security:The Sartocheck® 4 MultiUnit is an independent test unit with its own power supply, electronics and pneumatics. It will maintain the test results even if switched off or if the connection is lost until the handshake communication with the Sartocheck® 4 confirms that the test results have been transferred successfully. If the MultiUnit is switched off during the test it will transfer a corresponding error message as soon as the communication has been automatically reestablished.Traceability:The Sartocheck® 4 test result printout contains the serial number of the MultiUnit, the user name (log on identity), a unique file name and all the information that has been entered in the batch protocol. The included software, Sartocontrol, can be used to print the test results on an external printer in A4 format.Patent pending thermal insulation:The Sartocheck® 4 and its MultiUnit feature a unique, patent pending separation of the electronic components and the temperature sensitive pneumatics in addition to the efficient vent fan. This superior solution avoids any thermal influence on the integrity test measurement from the unit itself.Clean room venting adapter:The Sartocheck® 4 and its MultiUnit can be equipped with an optional venting fan adapter that allows to contain the out coming air in order to avoid any dispersion of particles in a clean room.Sartorius Stedim Biotech Validation Package:The MultiUnit is delivered with a comprehensive validation package including an IQ & OQ protocol that can be accomplished by qualified Sartorius Stedim Biotech personnel. Assistance for PQ can also be provided from the Sartorius Stedim Biotech Technical Support Team.

Application Note

Sartocheck® 4|Sartocheck® 4 plus — Automatic Detection of Improper Test Setup
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Options for Shortening the Test Time with Sartocheck® 4 plus
en 520.4 kB
Internal Cleaning of the Sartocheck® 4 plus – Why Sacrifice Additional Reliability?
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Sartocheck® 4 plus Filter tester and Bag tester — Integration of the Sartocheck® 4 plus into an automation environment
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User Manual

Sartocheck® 4 plus Filter tester | Filter tester MultiUnit
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  • Market

Connections (Data)

  • Data Interface
    • PLC port
    • Profibus - SCADA (adapter required)
    • RS232
    • RS485
  • PLC port
    binary signals 12 pins
  • Serial Port MU
    RS232 (Sartocheck® 4 plus only)
  • Serial Port TU
    RS232 | RS485


  • Dimensions (W×D×H)
    460 × 390 × 150 mm


  • Diffusion
    Without ext. ref. tank: Cartridge systems up to net volume of 14 l; with ext. ref. tank: Cartridge systems up to 150 l
  • Display
  • Measuring Accuracy - Absolute Deviation Pressure Measurement
    max. ±9.5 mbar
  • Measuring Accuracy - Relative Deviation Pressure Measurement

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    10 bar (145 psi)
  • Operating Conditions - Temperature
    +15 – +35 °C
  • Operating Pressure
    min. 4 bar g or test p + 0.5 bar g (whichever highest); max 10 bar g
  • Relative Humidity
    10% – 80%

Physicochemical Information

  • Bubble Point
    100–8000 mbar acc. +/- 50 mbar
  • Pressure Measuring Range
    100 – 8,000 mbar

Power Requirements

  • Input Wattage
    74 Watts
  • Power Requirements
    100 - 240 V / 47 - 63 Hz

Product Information

  • Primary Product Type
  • System Type
    Integrity Testing Systems


  • Additional Product Specifications
    • Measuring accuracy - bubble point: 0.05 bar
    • Measuring accuracy - diffusion: 0.1-3000 mL/min acc. +/-5%
    • Measuring accuracy - Water intrusions: 5 %
    • Measuring Ranges - Net volume: 9 mL - 150 L acc. +/- 4%
  • Net Volume Measurement
    4 %
  • Pressure Drop
    All filter systems up to net volume of 150 L
  • Water Intrusion
    0.1-999 ml/10 min acc. +/- 5%


  • Packing Weight
    2.7 kg
  • Weight
    13 kg

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