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Palletank for Shipping, 500 L

The Palletank for shipping is specifically developed for secure and convenient shipment of bulk pharmaceutical fluids such as media, buffers, drug substances or product intermediates. It is available in volumes of 100 l, 200 l and 500 l. The system is composed of two basic elements, the Palletank container and the associated shipping kit.

Item no.:  FXC106609

Availability (ex works):  On Request

The Palletank for shipping is a qualified system that is specifically developed for safe and robust shipment of sterile bulk pharmaceutical fluids. It is available in volumes of 100 L, 200 L and 500 L. The system is composed of two basic elements, the Palletank container and the associated shipping kit. The shipping kit acts as a compression unit to firmly secure the filled Flexsafe® l Flexel® 3D Bag whilst in transit. Top and bottom tubing is protected to prevent damage and a rigid lid is locked securely prior to shipping. The Flexsafe® l Flexel® 3D Bags are manufactured according to a qualified design that precisely fits the Palletank to assure highest safety during shipping.

Safe transportation of critical drug substances

The superior strength and flexibility of Flexsafe® bags make them safe for critical liquid shipping applications by truck and air. The robustness of Flexsafe® bags for shipping is proven by applying extensive qualification regimes that combine the most stringent standard ASTM D4169 testing and real shipping conditions.


The Palletank for shipping can be stacked, when not in transit, up-to 3 high to maximize the utilization of the available clean room area. When not in use or upon return, the Palletank is foldable and stackable up-to 5 high.

Easy cleanability

In order to simplify the cleaning | disinfection cycles, all movable parts of the Palletank for shipping can be dismantled (including door hinges)


Palletank® for shipping
en 199.6 kB


  • Area of Application
    Liquid Storage & Shipping
  • Process Step
    • Drug Substance Purification
    • Cell Harvest & Downstream Processing Intermediates
    • Media Preparation
    • Buffer Preparation

Connections (Physical)

  • Bottom Gates


  • Dimensions
    1,206 × 806 × 1,050 mm
  • Dimensions folded (W×D×H)
    1,206 × 806 × 1,050 mm


  • Lid
  • Stacking

Materials of Construction

  • Materials of Construction
    Stainless Steel 304L

Product Information

  • Primary Product Type
    Shipping Containers


  • Surface Finish
    Glass bead blasted and passivated


  • Volume
    500 L


  • Weight
    129 kg

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