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pO2-Sensor, 120/12-VP-HM-Optical

pH and dissolved oxygen are standard measurements of every Sartorius BIOSTAT® bioreactor | fermenter. Hamilton sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen and redox are characterized by proven quality and outstanding performance, backed by over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise in innovative design.

Item no.:  BB-8848668

Availability:  On Request

The VisiFerm DO is the first optical oxygen sensor with integrated opto-electronics, having the full functionality of a measuring device with self diagnostics. It is steam sterilizable, autoclavable and CIP compatible. The VisiFerm requires less maintenance than a classical oxygen sensor as it does not have a mechanically sensitive membrane or a corrosive electrolyte. Available with the ECS mode (Clark cell simulation).

  • No fragile membrane - with a solid sensor cap
  • No polarization time required
  • Instantly stable values, low drift, quick response
  • Convenient pre-calibration in the laboratory, because data is stored in the sensor head

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Product properties

  • Primary Product Type
  • Type of Sensor
    DO optical
  • Electronic Connector

Technical attributes

  • Vessel Type
    • Stainless Steel (any size)
    • UniVessel® Glass, 0.5L
  • Instrument Compatibility
    • Biostat® B-DCU II
    • Biostat® Cplus
    • Biostat® D-DCU