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Vivaspin 15R, 2,000 MWCO Hydrosart, 48pc

4 - 15 ml
Available with modified regenerated cellulose membrane; Hydrosart®.

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Application Note

Treatment of Vivaspin® concentrators for improved recovery of low-concentrated protein samples
en 272.3 kB
Desalting and Buffer Exchange with Vivaspin® Centrifugal Concentrators
en 401.4 kB
Urine Protein Concentration with Vivaspin® Concentrators
en 540.6 kB
Sartorius Ultrafiltration Products in the Preparation of Biological and Medical Nanocarriers – a Short Review
en 133.1 kB
Vivaspin® 500 — High-cell-density Cultivation of Ultrafiltration: a substitute to lyophilization
en 107.6 kB


Ultrafiltration Family
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Laboratory Filtration Products
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Laboratory Filtration Products (US and Canada)
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User Manual

Vivaspin 15R — For in vitro use only
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