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Vivacon 500, 125,000 MWCO Hydrosart, 25pc

For up to 500 µl
Vivacon® 500 are centrifugal units for fast DNA concentration and buffer exchange of 500 µl samples. They are also the product of choice for protein fractionation applications. The use of Hydrosart® membranes results in high recoveries from dilute samples. Complete recovery of the concentrate is guaranteed by a reverse spinning step.

Order Number:  VN01H81

Availability:  On Request

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Application Note

Filter Aided Sample Preparation — (FASP) with Vivacon® 500
en 136.3 kB
Primer removal after a PCR reaction with Vivacon® 500
en 202.6 kB


Ultrafiltration Family
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Laboratory Filtration Products (US and Canada)
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Laboratory Filtration Products
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Vivacon® 500 and Vivacon® 2 — For safe DNA and protein concentration and rebuffering from 500 μl to 2 ml starting volumes.
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User Manual

Vivacon® 500 — For in vitro use only
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