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Virosart® Media lab module 5.0 cm²

First virus retentive filter for cell culture media.

Protect your cell culture media from virus contaminations with the 20 nm high flux PES Virosart® Media. The filter retains ≥ 4 LRV for small non-enveloped viruses like MVM or Vesivirus and ≥ 6 LRV for large enveloped viruses.

Order Number:  3V2--28-BVGML--V

Availability:  On Request

Virus filtration with Virosart® is an integral part of the orthogonal virus clearance technology platform of Sartorius Stedim Biotech. This orthogonal technology platform features virus filtration, virus inactivation and virus adsorption. The Virosart® product range includes four different virus retentive membranes, in order to provide the best solution for every application. Virosart® Media targets the removal of small non-enveloped adventitious viruses (20 nm) e.g. MVM or vesivirus from chemically defined cell culture media. Ease of use is given by sterile delivery.

The main application for Virosart® Media for virus retentive filtration is chemically defined cell culture media. Virosart® Media is used after the media preparation step itself before transferring the media into the bioreactor. This can be operated either as in-line filtration (e.g. perfusion) or batch filtration. Performance of the Virosart® Media is independent of the use of powder or liquid media but could be strongly impacted by the media itself. Additives like poloxamere can have an impact on the filter performance. An efficient pre-filtration step, such as the Sartopore® 2 XLM, could increase the capacity of the final virus filter. The optimum pre-filter – final filter ratio has to be identified during development of the process step as this strongly depends on the specific media used.

Virosart® Media provides highest virus safety to the bioreactor as it is qualified for ≥ 4 LRV for small non-enveloped viruses (e.g. MVM) and ≥ 6 LRV for large enveloped viruses. Based on the unique PES membrane, Virosart® Media provides highest flow rates and superior capacity for cell culture media (e.g. ≥ 1000L/m²/4h). The high packing density of the elements combines extremely low hold up and flushing volumes with low footprint requirements. The sterile delivery secures ease of use as well as fast installation of the filter elements.

The hollow fiber format supplies highest consistency and scalability from lab to process scale. Scale-down work is realized using the Virosart® Media lab modules (5.0 cm²) to enable filtration work for flow and capacity studies as well as optimizing the final prefilter final filter ratio. These elements are available as pre-use integrity tested versions specific for reliable scale-down work within virus spiking studies. Scale-up or cell culture growth studies as well as small scale production are performed using Virosart® Media mid-scale modules (0.29 m²). Large scale manufacturing is operated with Virosart® Media process modules (1 m² | 3 m²). Typical batch sizes of products subject to virus filtration with Virosart® Media lab modules are ≤ 1 liter.

Virosart® Media filters have been validated for 4 log10 removal of small non-enveloped viruses using bacteriophage PP7 as the model virus. Validation data is shown in the validation guide of Virosart® Media.

Each individual Virosart® Media filter module is tested for water flux during manufacture assuring highest product reliability. Virosart® Media lab modules, IT tested, are tested for integrity in house at Sartorius Stedim Biotech prior to delivery. The Virosart® Media lab modules are delivered gamma sterilized.

Virosart® Media filters are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System. A Validation Guide is available for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Learn more about Virosart Media at www.sartorius.com/virosart-media.

Application Note

Evaluating the Filterability of Chemically Defined Cell Culture Media with the Virosart® Media Filter
en 1.8 MB
Retention Characteristics of Virosart® Media when filtering Chemically Defined Cell Culture Media
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Influence of Cell Culture Media Components on the Filtration Characteristics of Virosart® Media
en 354.0 kB
Evaluation of Impact on Cell Growth using Chemically defined Cell Culture Media filtered through the Virosart® Media Filter
en 1.0 MB
Risk Mitigation for Calcium Chloride Solution as an Additive to Cell Culture Media Using High Flux Virus Filters
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Virosart® Media
en 631.9 kB


Virosart® — Highest virus safety for your patient — Next generation virus clearance concepts
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New Solutions for Virus Risk Mitigation in Cell Culture Media
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Contamination Risk Mitigation in Cell Culture Media Preparation
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Case Study: Virus Risk Mitigation in Cell Culture Media
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User Manual

Virosart® Media Lab Module
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Product properties

  • Filter Type
    Virus Filters
  • Filter Format
    Down Scale Units
  • Capsule/Cartridge Format
    Down scale unit
  • Filtration area
    5 cm²
  • Height
    180 mm
  • Integrity Tested
  • Usage
    Cell culture risk mitigation
  • Connector Outlet
    Luer Lock
  • Connector Inlet
    Luer Lock
  • Primary Product Type

Technical attributes

  • Industry

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