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Sartobind® Q 400 mL, 8 mm bed height

Sartobind® Q strong ion exchangers are perfect tools for the polishing of monoclonal antibodies for the removal of viruses, DNA, host cell proteins, leached Protein A, and endotoxins. As size exclusion effects are neglectible, they are suited for purification of viruses such as adeno or lentiviruses displaying one order of magnitude higher dynamic binding capacity.

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Application Note

Sartobind ® Capsules for Capture and Polishing
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Sartobind® Membrane Adsorbers — Chromatography as easy as filtration
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Sartobind® Q and S, 4 and 8 mm bed height — Process-Scale Strong Ion Exchange Membrane Adsorbers
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Sartobind® selection guide
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User Manual

Sartobind® Q and S Membrane Adsorbers — Void Volume Optimized Capsules With 4 | 8 mm Bed Height
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