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m Green yeast and mold Biosart® 100 Media

Biosart® 100 Nutrient Media are media ampoules for microbiological testing of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, water and other liquids. The media ampoules are ready-to-use and each box conatins 50 ampoules with 2.5 ml sterile nutrient media and a lot specific certificate. The nutrient media comply with international regulations and recommendations and supersedes the handling of glass ampoules.

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Mikrobiologie und Wein — Vorsorge und Kontrolle für Produkt und Betrieb
de 688.3 kB
Microbiology and Wine — Preventive care and monitoring in the wine industry
en 687.2 kB
Combisart® — Der wirtschaftliche Weg zur schnellen und sicheren Koloniezahlbestimmung
de 6.1 MB
Combisart® — The Economic Way for Fast and Reliable Colony Counting
en 6.3 MB


Biosart® 100 Monitore — Filtrationseinheiten für die Mikrobiologie und Analytik
de 80.4 kB
Biosart® 100 Monitors — Microbiological and Analytical Filtration Units
en 76.1 kB
Biosart® 100 Nährmedien — Mikrobiologische Nährmedien für Filtrationseinheiten
de 72.9 kB
Biosart® 100 Nutrient Media — Microbiological Nutrient Media for Filtration Units
en 68.7 kB
Terreni di coltura liquidi BioSart® 100 — Terreni liquidi per controlli microbiologici con unità filtranti
it 249.3 kB


Qualitätssicherung von Getränken, Wasser und Lebensmitteln...
de 376.6 kB
Monitoring the quality of beverages, water and foods…
en 378.2 kB

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