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Cellulose Nitrate (CN) Membrane Filter

Single packed or dispenser-ready sterile membranes can be used for colony counting, particle testing, microscopy and sterility testing. The membrane filters are made of cellulose nitrate (cellulose mixed ester), cellulose acetate or regenerated cellulose. Choose between gridded or non-gridded single packed sterile membranes, either with or without hydrophobic edge.

Order Number:  11407--50----ACN

Price:  $123.00

Availability:  Delivery within 2 - 3 weeks *

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Cellulose nitrate, type 114, 0.2µm, white|black, 50 mm, 100 membranes per box

Sterile, gridded membrane filters are widely used for routine microbiological quality control due to the benefits they offer. Whether single-packed or dispenser-ready, the membrane filters are ready-to-use and each filter is individually packed, offering highest security whilst saving preparatory time. Each individual envelope is marked with the filter identification and lot number.

The membrane filters are available in different pore sizes and three different material types. Cellulose nitrate filters (mixed cellulose ester) contain a mixture of cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate, a material which assures effective retention combined with high flow rates and optimal colony growth. Cellulose acetate combines high flow rates and thermal stability with very low adsorption characteristics. The various filter colors allow the best possible contrast to the colonies for easy and reliable quantification and identification.

  • Outstanding recovery rates for microorganisms
  • 0.45 µm filters acc. to ISO 7704
  • High flow membranes available
  • Three different colors
  • Various pore sizes
  • Certified quality
  • Gamma irradiated at 25 kGray
  • The membrane filters are in accordance with the following norms: ISO 7704, ISO 7899-2, ISO 8199, ISO 9308-1 and EN 12780.

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Product properties

  • Diameter
    50 mm
  • Pore size
    0.2 µm
  • Hydrophobic edge
  • Primary Product Type
    Membrane Filters
  • Type
    Membrane filter
  • Material
    Cellulose nitrate (CN) membrane; Cellulose Mixed Ester
  • Membrane Color | Grid Color
    white | black
  • High Flow
  • Wettability
  • Packaging
    Sterile, individually packed
  • Pack size
  • Package Type
    Individually Packed
  • Sterility
  • Membrane material
    Cellulose Nitrate (CN; Cellulose Mixed Ester)

Technical attributes

  • Application
    Microbial Enumeration
  • Market
    Environmental/Water Testing` Food & Beverage
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