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arium® multifunction stand

Lab water system accessories. Dispense guns, water storage tanks, water guards, conductivity meters or printers - Sartorius offers a broad range of accessories to assist your daily work with the arium® lab water system.

Order Number:  H2O-ADD

Availability:  On Request

The multifunction stand combines the convenience of a display mounting stand and the flexibility of a remote dispense gun.

With these components integrated all into one unit, the multifunction stand enables pure water to be dispensed on demand in the different quantities needed.

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Product properties

  • Primary Product Type
    Display Mounting / Multifunction Sets
  • Brand
  • Dimensions
    22.0 cm × 59.5 cm × 25.5 cm
  • Weight
    5.6 kg
  • Material

Technical attributes

  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
    22.0 × 59.5 × 25.5 cm

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