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The new CERTOMAT CTplus fulfils all requirements for the cultivation of mammalian cells. CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity are kept constant due to advanced insulation and sealing. The isolation of the incubation chamber from the mechanical drive and control units prevents corrosion otherwise caused by the formation of carbonic acid.

Large incubation shaker optimized for mammalian cell cultures with precise control of CO2 and humidity, programmable via touch screen, advanced data management and stackable. Incubation shaker CERTOMAT® CTplus can be stacked three units high and run fully independently without speed reduction of the upper units. Maximum capacity is six 5 Liter flasks. Doors opening to the front make it easy to transfer cultivation vessels from one unit to the other.

The interior of the incubation chamber is made from stainless steel, glued with sealed seams, and can easily be kept clean. The stainless steel humidification pan can be taken out for autoclaving. Even the inspection light is sealed against the chamber.

Incubation shaker CERTOMAT® CTplus features a central DCU controller unit for all process parameters operated by a touchscreen display. It is ready for connection to MFCS/win software for data acquisition and remote control via Ethernet. An analog-output for data documentation and a potential-free contact for connection to external alarm systems are available.

The working parameters time, speed, temperature, illumination (option) and cooling (option) can be programmed, linear or incycles, in 20 programs, each consisting of 4 steps plus one pre-step. Safety features include visual and acoustic alarms, memory function for automatic re-start after power failure and recording of the time of any interruptions.

  • Compatible to SENSOLUX® shaker tray for pH and DO measurement
  • Designed for cultivation of mammalian cells
  • Fully encapsulated incubation chamber
  • Optimal control of temperature, CO2 level and humidity
  • Separate heating systems prevent condensation
  • Polished stainless steel interior
  • Programmable for time, speed and temperature
  • DCU controller for all process parameters
  • Data management by connection to MFCS/win