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The BIOSTAT STR® fully scalable, single-use bioreactor family offers working volumes from 50L to 2000L and is based on conventional stirred-tank design. It is now available in it's second generation with improved hardware design, Flexsafe® STR bags for excellent cell growth and robustness and single-use, non-invasive biomass monitoring.

Application Note

Biostat® CultiBag STR
en 315.3 kB
Microcarrier-based Expansion of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the BIOSTAT STR® 50L
en 873.0 kB
Large-Scale Perfusion and Concentrated Fed-Batch Operation of BIOSTAT® STR Single-Use Bioreactor
en 2.2 MB
High cell density Escherichia coli cultivation in the stirred single use bioreactor BIOSTAT ® CultiBag STR 50 plus MO
en 933.3 kB


BIOSTAT STR® Bioreactors and Flexsafe STR® Bags A Perfect Match for True Scalability in Single Use
en 7.2 MB
BIOSTAT STR® Selected Bibliography
en 1.6 MB


BIOSTAT STR® and FlexsafeSTR® Case Studies
en 3.5 MB