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The BIOSTAT® B fermenter | bioreactor has been specially designed to cover the wide variety of requirements in biotechnological and biopharmaceutical research and development.

Application Note

Robust Batch Cultivation Process for Recombinant Protein Production with Escherichia coli BL21 in a BIOSTAT® B Reactor
en 1.2 MB


Smart Benchtop Bug Fermenter: Your First Ready-to-Use Online PAT Toolbox System
en 3.6 MB
Fermentador de Mesa Inteligente: primer sistema “listo para usar” complementado con herramientas PAT Online
es 3.7 MB
Fermentador de Bancada Inteligente: Seu Primeiro Sistema de Ferramentas Analíticas Online Pronto para Uso
pt 3.7 MB
Biostat® B — O biorreator multifuncional para pesquisa e desenvolvimento
pt 4.3 MB
Biostat® B — 多功能研发
zh 4.5 MB
Biostat® B — Das Multitalent für Forschung und Entwicklung
de 4.4 MB
Biostat® B — The Multi-Talented Bioreactor for Research and Development
en 4.4 MB
BIOSTAT® B — Le multi-talent pour la recherche et le développement
fr 4.4 MB
BIOSTAT® B — Il multitalento per la ricerca e lo sviluppo
it 4.3 MB
BIOSTAT® B — Multi-aplicaciones para Investigación y Desarrollo
es 4.4 MB


PAT Ready Concept Flowchart
en 3.4 MB


BIOSTAT® B — The Multi-Talent for Research and Development
en 3.9 MB

User Manual

BIOSTAT® B — Ферментер/Биореактор
ru 19.7 MB