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The BIOSTAT® B-DCU is a fermenter | bioreactor specifically designed to accommodate the requirements of process optimization and characterization in the biotech and biopharmaceutical industry. It provides enhanced functionality and an unrivalled level of options for cell culture and microbial processes making it the ideal scale-down model for your large scale process.

Application Note

Application Note BIOSTAT® B-DCU SBT1025-e
en 983.5 kB
High cell density Escherichia coli fed-batch cultivation in the new BIOSTAT® B-DCU
en 1.1 MB

Arrangement Plan

Arrangement plan B-DCU 2 Supply Tower
de 853.8 kB
Arrangement plan B-DCU 4 Supply Tower
de 1.2 MB
Arrangement plan B-DCU 6 Supply Tower
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BIOSTAT ® B-DCU — O Biorreator Padrão da Indústria para Otimização e Caracterização de Processos Avançados
pt 5.6 MB
BIOSTAT ® B-DCU — 用于先进工艺优化和特性鉴 定的行业标准生物反应器
zh 6.6 MB
Brochure Biostat B-DCU
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BIOSTAT® B-DCU — The Industry Standard Bioreactor for Advanced Process Optimization and Characterization
en 6.7 MB
BIOSTAT ® B-DCU — Le bioréacteur industriel pour l’optimisation et la caractérisation avancées des procédés
fr 5.6 MB
BIOSTAT ® B-DCU — 優れたプロセスの最適化と特性解析を 実現する業界標準バイオリアクター
ja 6.6 MB
BIOSTAT ® B-DCU — El Biorreactor Estándar de la Industria para la Optimización y Caracterización de Procesos Avanzados
es 5.6 MB


PAT Ready Concept Flowchart
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