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Flexsafe® 3D Pre-Designed Solutions (PDS) for Palletank have been designed for storage and shipping of media, buffer, cell harvest & downstream intermediates, drug substances up to drug products. Flexsafe (PDS) are available from 100L to 1,000L.

Item no.:  FIS126828

Availability:  On Request

Flexsafe® Bags for Palletank are designed for safe storage and shipping of biopharmaceutical solutions. Flexsafe® bags are extensively qualified and easy to use.

Flexsafe® 3D for Storage from 100 L to 1000 L Self Deploying Solution

The high flexibility of Flexsafe® bags and the self-deploying accessory* ease the installation and the filling of Flexsafe® storage solutions, saving operator time and eliminating risky bag manipulations. The self-deploying accessory is compatible with the Palletank for Storage and for In-Process Fluid Handling from 100 L to 1,000 L.

Flexsafe® 3D for Shipping from 100 L to 500 L Safe and Robust Solution

The superior strength and flexibility of Flexsafe® bags make them safe for critical liquid shipping applications. The robustness of Flexsafe® bags for Shipping is proven by applying extensive qualification regimes that combine the most stringent standard ASTM D4169 testing and real shipping conditions.


  • Robust Process and Application based pre-designed solutions
  • Process and Application based Quality Control
  • Best delivery reliability with off-the-shelf selected components compliant to quality requirements
  • Enhanced Assurance of Supply: consistent quality, robust change control & business continuity.


Flexsafe® — New PE film. New Benchmark.
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Product properties

  • Number of Lines
    1 filling line + 1 sampling at the top, 1 line at the bottom
  • Primary Product Type
    Single Use Bags
  • Connector Inlet
    Sterile connection or sterile weld
  • Connector Outlet
    Aseptic transfer to isolator
  • Material
    Flexsafe® S80 film
  • Tubing
    Top line with 1/2" ID Silicone TuFlux® 1m (40") + 1/2" Clear C-Flex® 0,5m (20"). Bottom line with 1/2" ID Silicone TuFlux® 2m (80") + 1/2" Clear C-Flex® 0,5m (20")
  • Filter

Technical attributes

  • Sterilization Method
    • Sterile via gamma irradiation 25-45kGy
    • Gamma Irradiatable
  • Gas Barrier Layer Material
    Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH)
  • Product Contact Layer Material
    Polyethylene (PE)
  • Process Step
    Drug Product Formulation
  • Sterilization Procedures
    Gamma Irradiation: with 25-45 kGy, 1 Cycle
  • Bag Volume
    200 L