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Sartobind® S SingleSep Mini

Sartobind® S membrane adsorber units combine the advantages of convective media and ion exchange chromatography for rapid and easy contaminant removal or capture of virus and virus like particles.

Order Number:  92IEXS42D4-SS--A

Availability:  On Request

Sartobind® S membrane adsorbers display a macro-porous structure with pore size of > 3 µm. Sulfonic acid ligands are bound covalently to the complete internal surface of the membrane, resulting in separation media of high binding capacity combined with exceptional high flow rates.


The S membrane adsorber is successfully used in FDA-approved drug manufacture to remove host cell proteins at high flow rates. As a cation exchanger it displays not only aggregate removal capabilities but typically at least ten-fold higher binding capacity for viruses and virus-like-particles (VLP).


The Sartobind S adsorber speeds up the production process by high flow rate and opens new opportunities for the purification of therapeutic proteins and vaccines.

  • High speed host cell protein removal up to 30 bed volumes/ min
  • Aggregate removal

Easy to use:

  • Plug and play devices from 0.08 ml to 5 l
  • Can be used like a filter
  • Flow rate up to 30 bed volumes/min
  • Disposable or re-usable


Sartobind® Membrane Adsorbers — Chromatography as easy as filtration
en 3.7 MB

User Manual

Sartobind® IEX SingleSep — pico 0.08 ml | nano 1 ml | mini 7 ml | 5” 70 ml | 10” 180 ml 20” 360 ml | 30” 540 ml | mega 1.62 l
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Product properties

  • Connectors
    Sanitary ½ – ¾"
  • Pore size final-filter
    3 – 5 µm
  • Bed volume
    7 mL
  • Bed height
    4 mm
  • Flow rate
    140 mL/min
  • Membrane area
    250 cm²
  • Primary Product Type
  • Type
    Membrane adsorber
  • Design
    Conventional filter design
  • Pack Size
  • Membrane Material
    Stabilised reinforced cellulose
  • Membrane
    Strong cation exchanger
  • Filter Format

Technical attributes

  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
    4.5 × 8.7 cm
  • Maximum Pressure
    0.4 MPa
  • Thermal stability
    Sartobind capsules with ion exchange membranes can be autoclaved at 121 °C for 30 min. We recommend one autoclaving cycle only.
  • Ligand density
    2 – 5 µeq/cm²
  • Void volume
    20 mL
  • Typical dynamic binding capacity 10% per unit
    175 mg
  • Maximum Venting Pressure
    0.5 bar, 0.05 MPa, 7 psi
  • Recommended flow rate
    0.2 L/min
  • Chemical Compatibility
    Stable in common chromatography buffers, unstable to peroxide and other oxidizing or reactive reagents
  • Reference Protein
  • Application
  • Biosafety
    All materials of this filter element meet the requirements of the current USP Biological Reactivity tests for plastics Class VI (Systemic Injection, Intracutaneous and Implantation tests).
  • What you receive
    4 capsules` 1 operating instruction` 1 certificate
  • Materials of Construction
    Polypropylene, polyester
  • Housing Material
    Polypropylene (PP)
  • Ligand
    Sulfonic acid
  • pH Stability
    pH 3 – 14 (short term)
  • Reusable
  • Membrane Type
    Strong cation exchange membrane