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High precision climatestation for E1 Lab

The Sartorius climate station meets the highest accuracy standards and is used for continuous room monitoring and measurement recording in metrological mass standards laboratories. Climate measuring systems for continuous temperature and humidity monitoring, as well as measurement recording in metrological mass standards laboratories.

The Sartorius climate station meets the highest accuracy standards and features a wide range of connections for 16 analog and just about as many digital sensors. Thus the climate measuring system can easily be integrated in existing networks.

Item no.:  YCM16C

Availability:  On Request

The Sartorius YCM16C climate station meets the highest accuracy standards and is the perfect solution for determining air density. It is used to monitor the room climate in all metrological laboratories.

As is required for calibration laboratories, the YCM16C provides room monitoring for all of the accuracy classes given in standard OIML R111 up to class E1. The room climate data is constantly monitored and shown on the display. The climate station can be combined with ScalesNet-M software to make air buoyancy corrections in order to achieve an extremely high degree of accuracy when determining mass.

As well as featuring flexible connection options for 16 analog sensors and virtually any number of digital sensors, the climate station can easily be integrated into existing networks via LAN (TCP/IP), RS-232, USB, RS-485, and GPRS. The climate station can be monitored, controlled, and configured directly using a push knob and a display or remotely using a web browser. If there is a power failure, the integrated UPS enables the climate station to keep recording reliable climate data even without a PC.

In its default configuration, the YCM16C climate station comes with an internal pressure sensor and an external combination sensor for temperature and humidity.

  • Measures air density and room climate monitoring in a mass laboratory (up to E1)
  • Highly accurate climate data recording for all analog and digital sensors
  • 8 MB data logger for up to 30 days of data recording
  • > 1 year data archiving
  • Monitors the accuracy class in accordance with OIML R111
  • Online calculation of air density according to OIML R111
  • Flexible, programmable signal processing and archiving of all sensor values
  • Battery operation for uninterrupted power supply and mobile use
  • Universal connection options to existing network structures via LAN, USB, RS-485, RS-232
  • PC software for automatic synchronisation of climate data
  • Dew point calculation
  • Air density calculation
  • Flexible connection options for up to 16 analog sensors and virtually any number of digital sensors
  • 1 integrated air pressure sensor
  • 1 external air humidity / temperature sensor
  • WEB and FTP server
  • 4-line LCD display, 20 characters per line
  • Can be operated directly using the push knob or remotely via USB, LAN, RS-485, RS-232
  • Firmware update via SD card

Special Performance Features

  • Automatic air buoyancy correction
  • Manual input of climate data
  • Automatic climate data recording if a climate station is connected
  • Control of automatic mass comparators with a load alternator
  • Automatic time-delayed start
  • Database for weights
  • Generation of a measurement report
  • Calculation of the difference in mass, the standard deviation and uncertainties
  • ABA and ABBA cycles acc. To OIML R111
  • 1-99 cycles can be selected
  • Climate data recording and archiving for up to 16 channels


Massemetrologie — Präzision ist eine Frage des richtigen Equipments
de 7.0 MB
Mass Metrology — Precision Is a Matter of Having the Right Equipment
en 7.0 MB


Klimamessstationen Modell YCM16C
de 862.7 kB
Climate stations Model YCM16C
en 371.6 kB
Station climatologique Modèle YCM16C
fr 866.4 kB
Stazione climatologica Modello YCM16C
it 867.2 kB
Estación climatológica Modelo YCM16C
es 873.3 kB

User Manual

Klimamessstationen Modell YCM16C
de 2.2 MB
Climate station YCM16C
en 2.2 MB
Sartorius Klimasensoren für Klimamessstation YCM16C
de 2.2 MB
Sartorius climate sensors for Sartorius climate station YCM16C
en 2.4 MB

Product properties

  • Display
  • Temperature Sensor
    PT100 KL.B 1/3 DIN
  • Pressure Measuring Range
    300 – 1,100 hPa
  • Weight
    6 kg
  • Temperature Measuring Range
    -30 – +60 °C
  • Dimensions
    380 mm × 200 mm × 370 mm
  • Repeatability
  • Humidity Measuring Range
    0 – 100 %

Technical attributes

  • Digital Outs
    4 (RS422 | 485 | 232)
  • Interfaces - Communication port
    LAN | USB | RS485 | RS232
  • SD Card Interface
    1 (FAT16)
  • Power Source, Power Requirements
    230 / 115 V AC | 50 / 60 Hz
  • Air Pressure Sensor
  • External Air Humidity Sensor
  • External Air Temperature Sensor
  • Power Consumption
    < 1.5 W
  • Additional Product Specifications
    • Accuracy (humidity): 2 %
    • Analog channels: 16
    • Battery mode: 12 V | 7 Ah
    • Long-term stability per year (humidity): < 1%
    • Long-term stability per year (temperature): 0.05%
    • Pressure readability: 0.001 hPa
    • Uncertainty, DAkkS (k=2) (humidity): 0.51%
    • Humidity readability: 0.01 %
    • Internal memory: 8 MB
    • Output: 0…1 V
  • Accuracy (temperature)
    0.1 °C
  • Temperature Readability
    0.001 °C
  • Recommended Operating Temperature
    20 °C