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Regenerated Cellulose (RC) Membrane Filter

Regenerated cellulose membrane filters are reinforced with nonwoven cellulose.

Item no.:  18406--50----ACN

Availability:  On Request

These solvent-resistant, hydrophilic membrane filters are excellently suited for their major application, particle removal from solvents. The 50mm diameter, 0.45µm pore size filter for example, is standardly used to ultraclen and de-gas solvents and mobile phases for HPLC, in combination with the all-glass holder. Regenerated cellulose membrane also feature low non-specific-adsorption.


Laboratory Filtration Products (US and Canada)
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Product properties

  • Diameter
    50 mm
  • Pore size
    0.45 µm
  • Type
    Membrane filter
  • Wettability
  • Material
    Regenerated cellulose (RC) membrane
  • Membrane Color | Grid Color
    white (w/o grid)
  • Packaging
    Sterile, individually packed
  • Pack Size

Technical attributes

  • Sterilization Procedures
    • By autoclaving at 121 °C or 134 °C
    • Gamma radiation 25 kGy
    • Dry heat
    • Ethvlene oxide
  • Adsorption
    BSA approx. 10 µg/cm²
  • Thickness according to DIN 53105
    160 - 200 µm