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Combisart® 1-branch Manifold

Individual filter holders, stand-alone, to be assembled on vacuum flasks or on manifolds, depending on the particular version. Available in stainless steel, glass or polycarbonate.

Item no.:  16201-CS

Availability:  On Request

Stainless Steel Filter Holders

Stainless steel holders differ in their funnel capacity (choice of 40 ml, 100 ml or 500 ml) and in their valve type (part numbers ending with CS feature sterile venting). They are specifically designed for applications in which particles or microorganisms need to be retained on the surface of membrane filters. Their stainless steel frit filter support ensures uniform distribution of the retained particles over the entire surface of the membrane filter. Special features facilitate the use of these filter holders during routine testing. Their stainless steel taps are easy to turn on and off, and only one hand is needed to use the unique clamp for secure fastening or convenient removal of the funnel.

Glass Filter Holders

These filter holders are available with a 30 ml funnel (filter dia. 25 mm) for small-volume filtration or with a 250 ml funnel (filter dia. 47|50 mm) for large-volume filtration. They can be sterilized by autoclaving (max. 134°C) or by dry heat (max. 180°C). The glass frit ensures uniform distribution of retained particles.

Polycarbonate Filter Holders

Type 16510 is complete with a receiver flask, and can be used with vacuum or low pressure (0.5 bar|7.3 psi is recommended for maximum throughput). Type 16511 is the same as 16510, but without a receiver flask. It is designed for use on a suction flask or a vacuum manifold (e.g. Combisart® systems). Both types can be sterilized by autoclaving (max. 121°C).

Product properties

  • Material
    Silicone flat gasket, silicone seal
  • Collecting Vessel
  • Primary Product Type
    Filter Holders
  • Filtration area
    12.5 cm²
  • Diameter
    47 mm / 50 mm
  • Max. operating pressure
    2 bar
  • Number of Filter Holders
  • Usage
  • Filter Holder
  • Material Filter Support
    Stainless steel frit

Technical attributes

  • Stainless Steel Quality
    High-grade stainless steel=== B.S. 304S31|AISI 304
  • Parts and Materials
    Lid, funnel, base part, filter support, clamp and tap made of stainless steel; silicone flat gasket, silicone lid seal
  • Funnel capacity
    500 mL
  • Suitable membrane filter diameter
    47 / 50 mm
  • Number of frits included
  • Application
    Microbial Enumeration
  • Market
    • Food & Beverage
    • Environmental/Water Testing
  • Outlet
    (for branches only) Hose nipple, DN 10
  • Outlet Spouts (Individual System)
    10 mm outside diameter
  • Sterilization Procedures
    • By autoclaving (max. 134 °C)
    • By dry heat (max. 180 °C)
    • By flaming
    • By other methods acc. to ISO 8199