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Tygon Size 15 pump tubing, 3 m

Tygon Size 15 pump tubing for Vivaflow® 200

Size 15 pvc pump tubing and Luer fittings (3 m,4.8 x 2.6 mm)

Item no.:  VFA003

Price:  $55.00

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The Vivaflow® units are ready to use laboratory crossflow cassettes. They are optimally suited for applications like cell culture supernatant concentration, virus concentration and water concentration. The units come with all necessary accessories for running the device with a laboratory pump. For replacement and additional accessories Sartorius offers a wide range of equipment.

Product properties

  • Primary Product Type
  • Tubing
    PVC (medical grade)
  • Dimensions
    3 m, 4.8 × 2.6 mm

Technical attributes