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Universal 320 Rrefrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge

Its comprehensive range of accessories and outstanding performance make the UNIVERSAL 320/320R the ideal centrifuge for almost every application.

Item no.:  GB-C1406

Availability (ex works):  On Request

The centrifuge separates samples reliably at the desired temperature. It can be set to any temperature in the range -20 °C to +40 °C. In addition, it has a fast cool function.

Carriers and adapters for standard tubes up to 100 ml are available for use at low speeds. In addition, this centrifuge can be used for microtitre plates, tubes with a screw cap, blood collection tubes or cytology accessories.

A maximum RCF of 21,382 can be achieved with microlitre tubes. Vessels with higher volumes (up to 85 ml) can also be centrifuged thanks to the high performance of the centrifuge.

It is possible to choose between eleven swing-out rotors, seven fixed-angle rotors and one haematocrit rotor. The fixed-angle and swing-out rotors with accessories are suitable for virtually all applications in everyday use in industrial, research and clinical laboratories.

The UNIVERSAL 320 R can also be optionally equipped with connections for an external cold-recirculating thermostat (catalogue No. 1406-50, without internal cooling assembly). The centrifuge can heat or cool samples in the range 0 °C to +90 °C, depending on the performance of the thermostat.

The refrigerated centrifuge is also available with connections for nitrogen flushing (catalogue No. 1406-20, without monitoring control).


  • Dimensions
    401 mm × 695 mm × 346 mm


  • Cooling

Power Requirements

  • Line Frequency
    50 Hz
  • Line Voltage
    200 – 240 V


  • Agitator Speed Range
    15,000 rpm
  • Maximum Gravitational Field
    21,382 × g
  • Timer Range
    1 sec. – 99 h : 59 min. : 59 sec


  • Capacity
    4 × 100 / 32 × 15 mL


  • Weight
    53 kg