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MA160 Infrared Moisture Analyzer

The MA160 offers high flexibility, making it ideal for use in the widest range of sectors, such as laboratories, incoming goods and production departments. Its integrated Methods Development Assistant function will enable you to develop new methods that you can save in the memory for easy management of your methods library. The intuitive user interface reliably guides you step by step by text prompts through the measuring cycle of your method. The MA160 is perfect for those of you users who need an especially flexible and reliable moisture analyzer.

Item no.:  MA160-1

Availability (ex works):  On Request

The MA160 moisture analyzer is designed for quick and reliable determination of the moisture content of liquids, pastes and solids using the thermogravimetric method. The MA160 accommodates a variety of samples and changing requirements by enabling you to use specific methods and efficiently manage all your method parameters, such as in QA laboratories and process control. Typical areas of application for the MA160 include testing of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, sugar, paper materials and products for environmental protection.

The high-performance, 600-watt AURI heating unit heats the sample evenly, while ensuring homogeneous drying. These heating elements are fast, extremely rugged and durable. Compared with glass heating lamps, such as infrared lamps or halogen heaters, they are especially resistant to dirt and vibration. The functionality of the MA160 can be verified at any time within a mere 5 minutes using its built-in performance testing function with a ReproEasy pad.


  • Exceptionally high-speed measurements (up to 30% faster)
  • Fast and precise method development
  • Memory capacity for storage of methods and results
  • Method import and export via SD card
  • Reliable performance testing
  • Effortless cleaning
  • User-friendly operation
  • Downward compatibility with MA150 and MA35


Novo Analisador de Umidade MA160 - Gerencia suas Tarefas Sofisticadas
pt 1.9 MB
管理复杂任务的 - 新型 MA160 水分分析仪
zh 2.2 MB
Der neue MA160 Feuchtebestimmer — Ihr Manager für anspruchsvolle Aufgaben
de 1.9 MB
The New MA160 Moisture Analyzer — Manages Your Sophisticated Tasks
en 2.1 MB
El Nuevo Analizador de Humedad MA160 Gestiona sus Tareas Sofisticadas
es 2.1 MB
Le nouvel analyseur d’humidité MA160 - gère vos tâches complexes
fr 2.1 MB
Il nuovo analizzatore d’umidità MA160 - Per la gestione di analisi complesse
it 2.2 MB
ニュースタンダード水分計 - MA160
ja 2.2 MB
ru 2.1 MB
zh 9.5 MB
zh 17.8 MB


MA160 — Analisador de umidade por infravermelho totalmente automático para a gestão de tarefas complexas
pt 126.3 kB
MA160 — 日常操作全自动红外水分分析仪
zh 229.4 kB
MA160 — Vollautomatischer Infrarot-Feuchtebestimmer für das Management anspruchsvoller Aufgaben
de 126.2 kB
MA160 — Fully Automatic Infrared Moisture Analyzer for Managing Complex Tasks
en 125.4 kB
MA160 — Analizador de humedad infrarrojo completamente automático para la gestión de tareas complejas.
es 127.0 kB
MA160 — Analyseur d’humidité à infrarouge entièrement automatique pour la gestion d’analyses complexes
fr 126.6 kB
MA160 — Analizzatore d’umidità a infrarossi completamente automatico per la gestione di analisi complesse
it 125.9 kB
MA160 — 日常操作のための全自動赤外湿度分析器
ja 192.7 kB
MA160 — Автоматический инфракрасный анализатор влажности для выполнения сложных задач
ru 233.0 kB

User Manual

Sartorius 水分测定仪
zh 10.9 MB
Sartorius Moisture Analyzer
de 12.2 MB
Sartorius Moisture Analyzer
en 11.5 MB
Analyseur d’humidité Sartorius
fr 13.0 MB
Analizzatore di umidità Sartorius
it 12.4 MB
ja 12.1 MB
Анализатор влажности Sartorius
ru 12.0 MB
Sartorius Moisture Analyzer
es 3.1 MB
Manual Repro Easy Pad MA160/37
en 234.6 kB
YTM15MA — Heizungsabgleichset
de 702.3 kB
YTM15MA — Heating Adjustment Set
en 710.5 kB
YTM15MA — Dispositif d'ajustage du chauffage
fr 715.2 kB
YTM15MA — Set di regolazione del riscaldamento
it 709.3 kB
YTM15MA — Juego de compensación de temperatura
es 705.1 kB

Accessories Information

  • Data Printer
    External (optional)
  • In-use Dust Cover for Keypad


  • Application
    Standard and thermo-sensitive applications


  • Built-in Calibration Weight

Compliance Information

  • ISO/GLP Compliant Printout
    GLP-compliant, inalterable standard or user-configurable printout | paper-saving mode for short record
  • Version Compliant with FDA/ HACCP Regulations

Connections (Data)

  • Data Interface
    RS232C unidirectional


  • Depth
    400 mm
  • Height
    210 mm
  • Width
    215 mm


  • Access to the Sample Chamber
    Removable hood with wide opening angle; SoftClose mechanism
  • Analysis Mode
    Fully automatic, semiautomatic mg (1 mg – 50 mg | 5 sec. – 300 sec.), semiautomatic % (0.1% – 5.0% | 5 sec. – 300 sec.), timer settings (02:00 – 99.59 min.), manual
  • Display Mode for Results
    % moistrue, % dry weight, g moisture, g dry weight, ATRO (ratio) in %M/S
  • Exchange of the Heating Unit by Plug&Dry®
  • Heating Mode
    Standard drying, gentle drying, MA35 mode
  • Manual Input of Tare Weights
  • Maximum Number of Programs
  • Memory Data Storage
    Fully automatic storage of the last 999 results
  • Number of Program Memories
  • Operator Guidance Features
    Intuitive user-friendly interface (touch screen) and easy-to-understand menu prompt for user guidance
  • Password Protection
  • Readability
    1 mg, 0.01 %
  • reproTEST
    Menu function to check the performance of the heating unit and the weighing system using a ReproEasy pad

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    200 g
  • Recommended Moisture Range
    1 – 99%

Power Requirements

  • Line Voltage
    115 - 230 V


  • Accuracy of the Weighing System
    1 mg
  • Heating Source
    AURI heater for fast and homogenious heating
  • Temperature Range
    40°C – 200°C, adjustable in 1-degree increments


  • Weight (approximate)
    6.2 kg

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