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Moisture and Multiparameter Analysis

Moisture & multiparameter analysis via online moisture meters for the analysis of pourable and granulated products and panel-shaped products. The modular construction and rugged design enable integration into almost every existing and future process. Increase your quality and process reliability with 100 % real time process monitoring, optimisation of specifications and comprehensive documentation.

Mark3 HP Moisture Analyzer
Mark3 HP Moisture Analyzer

Mark 3 is a flexible moisture analyzer system for labs and production facilities. Its optional modular add-ons provide the best solution for every measuring task.

Its high-resolution weighing system also makes the Mark 3 HP suitable for precisely analyzing the moisture and water content of very dry samples. This feature makes it a genuine alternative to Karl-Fisher titration.

Item no.: LMA100-SET-P


LMA200PM Moisture Analyzer
LMA200PM Moisture Analyzer

With microwave drying, the LMA200 moisture meter produces results up to 300 x faster than a drying oven for samples with high moisture content.

The built-in analytical balance ensures high precision in moisture analysis.

Item no.: LMA200PM-000US


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