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Upstream and Downstream Processing: 
One Common Goal

For over 10 years, the Upstream & Downstream Forum has proofed to be an exciting venue for presentations, networking and discussions focusing on the latest applications and technologies.

The event continues to build the collaborative bridge between Upstream & Downstream Bioprocessing by bringing specialists from your peer group who will share their experience by presenting best practices, applications and techniques to address the bottlenecks at the interfaces of upstream and downstream.

Don’t miss the opportunity:

  • To hear about case studies in process development
  • To learn about and discuss the latest advances in upstream and downstream processing
  • To interact with biotech professionals in an exciting and interactive venue format

Highlights from the European Upstream and Downstream Technology Forum 2016


US Upstream & Downstream Technology Forum 2016

October 26, 2016

University of Maryland 
Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research 
9600 Gudelsky Drive 
Rockville, Maryland 20850

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Past Forums

Upstream Forum

The Upstream Technology Forum has been initiated four years ago to discuss challenges and innovative approaches to cell and microbial culture amongst industry practitioners. More

For further information please contact:

Nadine Engel 
Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH 
Phone +49.551.308.4129

Downstream Forum

The Downstream Forum provides the latest technical and scientifical approaches in downstream processing to accelerate development and optimize production of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. More

For further information please contact:

Antje Schneider 
Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH 
Phone +49.551.308.1397

Review of the European Forum 2016

The European Forum 2016 took place on June 7 – 9 in the Sartorius College in Goettingen, Germany. It combined a diverse range of lectures and presentations with a focus on: Smart upstream development & scale up, optimizing large scale manufacturing, virus removal trends and challenges. Click 'more' to discover our highlights.

Cyrus Agarabi, Sr. Regulatory Research | Review Officer, FDA, will present on "Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for Bioprocessing"

Jordi Ruano, Biologics Production Director, Hipra, will talk about "Virus production with Single Use Bioreactors"

Prof Jose C. Menezes, Founder & Managing Director, 4Tune Engineering GmbH, will focus on "Risk Assessment Strategies for Lifecycle Management using Multivariate Data Analysis"

Gerben Zijlstra, Senior Consultant, Xendo, will give a lecture on "Design and Implementation of Novel USP and DSP Continuous Biomanufacturing Concepts and Technologies: Experiences, practical examples and future outlook"

Steffen Kreye, USP Development Scientist, Glycotope GmbH, will present on "SAM – Sedimentation in an automated microbioreactor: Using the ambr15 as a scale down tool for perfusion cultures"

Dr. Horst Ruppach, Global Director, Viral Clearance and Virology, Charles River, will speak about "The viral load and the use of pre-filter in viral clearance studies of virus filtration"

Colin Jaques, Senior Principal Scientist, Lonza Biologics, will talk about “Scale-up in the single use age: Does geometry matter?”

Dr. Berthold Boedeker, Chief Scientist, Global Biological Development WUP, Bayer, will give a lecture on “Single Use Equipment as enabler of ADC conjugation in a standard protein plant using closed systems”

Agenda (801 KB)

Review of the European Forum 2014

The European Forum 2014 took place on September 8-10 in the Sartorius College in Goettingen, Germany. It combined a diverse range of lectures and presentations with the possibility to take part in several trainings. Click 'more' to discover our highlights.


Dr. Thomas R. Kreil, Associate Professor of Virology, Senior Director Global Pathogen Safety, Baxter, will talk about "Virus Safety: a look into the entire process - raw materials, upstream, downstream"

Dr. Weichang Zhou, Vice President of Biologics Process Development, Wuxi Apptec, will focus on "Successful process transfer and scale up in a disposable facility at 2000 L scale for biologics manufacturing"

Sandy Demay, Scientist-USP Microbiology and Fermentation Unit, Bioprocess R&D, Sanofi Pasteur, will speak about "A new age for old bugs: how a robot accelerates Upstream Process Development"

Dr. Benoit Mothes, Senior Scientist – BioR | BST, Sanofi Aventis, will give a lecture on continuous processing "ASAP: Simplicity is key"

Gerben Zijlstra, Senior Scientist, Patheon Biologics, DSM, will address the "Scale-up to commercial manufacturing scale of extremely high cell density CHO cultures in single use bioreactors followed by direct product capture  using EBA"

Dr. Wolfgang Paul
, Ph.D., Senior Scientist Cell Culture Research, Roche Penzberg, will present on "Set-Up of Glucose Control Loops for Cell Culture based on GLC-LAC online Measurement"

Agenda 2014 (1.3 MB)

Advanced Training Courses on Automation or Multi-parallel Microbioreactors

Use the unique opportunity to gain even more knowledge during your stay on the 
Upstream & Downstream Technology Forum in Europe and combine the forum with one 
of our advanced training courses on automation or multi-parallel microbioreactors.

More information

Hands-on Session – Make the FlexAct® Experience

Do not miss the chance and be one of only eight participants to get a hands-on experience with FlexAct®, our automation system for up- and downstream processing! 

This session, starting straight after the end of the main forum, includes process automation as well as the process-specific design of bag assemblies, aseptic connections & disconnections and how to safe valuable footprint in cleanrooms.

More information